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March 24, 2014

In 2011 when we photographed our first wedding in Iceland, we believed that was the one and only time we would do something that unimaginable. Then we felt as fortunate the second time. Then the third. Then the fourth. Then…

We pinch ourselves each time. The country matches our vision, and we fully connect with people who want to incorporate Iceland into their stories.

In this post there are two things going on: Julee and John’s elopement at Hótel Búðir in Snæfellsnes, and Jacqueline and Julien’s wedding portraits in south Iceland. They had different reasons for wanting Iceland as part of their story, but the link between these two couples and every other couple we join there is the same; Iceland itself is the central character in their day.

Living in Sweden and having the brilliance of Iceland in our backyard is something we will never take for granted.

[audio:|titles=Viltu Vitrast]

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Julee and John’s elopement is feature on Jet Fete, while Jacqueline and Julien can be seen featured on Brides Without Borders.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Janice

    SO awesome you guys!! and the sunset and northern lights - wow!

  2. Matt Streatfeild

    Holy mother of goodness!!! Especially the one of her standing on the rock by the ocean in BW. Mindblowingly great.

  3. Zosia

    I just swore out loud, it's that amazing! So beautiful guys! I'm gonna go look over it again. And again.

  4. Jack Chauvel

    Seriously this is just next level. Amazing.

  5. Sotiris

    Fantastic location and images, wow

  6. Mike Cassimatis

    Wow you guys. Amazing work.

  7. PoL

    Wow, the landscape is just amazing!! I wish I film any couple over there!!! Congrats!!

  8. stefan

    .....this is just insane. Best I've seen in a long, long time.

  9. Monika R Photography

    Iceland is so beautiful in your images, you can feel the nature through them. And those wedding portraits! Breathtaking

  10. heather nan

    Oh geez. Crazy. Love all the early bridal shots. Stunning.

  11. Damian Burcher

    Wow, just truly magical, like something out of a dream or fairy tale. So many good ones. The tilt shift one about half way through the set, brilliant, the one with the waterfall in the background, fabulous.

  12. caroline

    these are unreal. there is such magic in your images.

  13. Michael


  14. Adriano Mazzocchetti

    wow wow wow!!!

  15. Kat Forsyth

    It's basically unfair how talented you guys are! These are genius!

  16. Michael Meeks

    This is amazing. So glad I found your work!

  17. Adam

    Truly amazing!

  18. tobiah

    there are no words to give justice to these images, wow, just wow

  19. Mark Pacura

    Brilliant stuff, but then what else would you expect :-)

  20. Brandon Smith

    Gah, jelly! Iceland is most definitely on my wish list. You guys rocked it — again. You know how to work magic on the volcanic island.

  21. Nora

    The scenery, the light, the couples...It's all amazing. That black and white photo of the bride on the rocks should be entered into some award for sure!

  22. Rafal

    Amazing shots and location!

  23. Sachin Khona


  24. rahul

    i was expecting nothing less than epic. and epic it is.

  25. Jen

    I concur with Sachin. Words escape me. Thanks for sharing this piece of the world with me. Gorgeous couple, breathtaking scenes. And I'm green with envy over her last dress.

  26. aga

    amazing light, perfect location and kickass photos.

  27. Oli

    Yeeeeep. x 500000

  28. kong wai

    Amazing !!! Love it so much.

  29. Jo Spencer

    Your work always blows my mind, no different this time. Holy Guacamole! The frame of the bride against the black rock in particular had me speechless. Always wanted to shoot in Iceland on the black sand beaches. You beat me to it. Therefore a little part of me hates you. ;)

  30. Girish

    Beautiful set of pictures. Aurora looks crazy. Once in a lifetime I need to see that :)

  31. Adonye Jaja


  32. seth goodman

    These are all truly amazing!!!

  33. Heather E

    Oh my God. I can't handle how good this is. Every single freakin' frame. Head explode.

  34. Tomasz Wagner

    And of course with each Iceland wedding, you continue to blow us all away with your photo sorcery. Well done, mates!

  35. Rob

    Wow! Some amazing frames, love that light!!!!

  36. Peter Meciar


  37. Martins Kikulis

    stunning work guys!

  38. Paul Fuller

    If there is a wedding photographer in the world right now creating more truthful and inspiring work than you two then someone needs to tell me because this is just painfully beautiful

  39. popov vitaly

    я влюблен в ваши работы!

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