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Iceland Wedding Photographer // Becky & Ymir

November 14, 2011

We’ve told this story before. About how we SEO-ed our way to Iceland. Twice.

What we found – especially before going to Iceland – was that the story of how we got there was overwhelming conversations and, unfortunately, blinding ourselves to the real centre of it all: Rebecca and Ymir.

When we arrived at Keflavik airport in Iceland, this quickly changed, and blogs and strategies stopped mattering. As did most other things. Because from the moment we got off of the plane until we returned four days later, we were consumed but a colossal amount of energy and effort that was totally drive by Rebecca, Ymir, and their families.

For example, minutes after we shook hands with Rebecca for the first time, we were in an old London taxi driven by a man named Axel. Axel was a friend of Ymir’s father, and they worked together in an electronics store. Axel drove the three of us towards Reykjavik where we would meet the rest of the group and start driving east. We arrived, and Axel morphed from old London taxi driver mode to old German bus driver mode.

Axel drove that bus with its 50 passengers four days straight. And to cap it off, he was the bass player in the band that played at the wedding.

This is one example of the remarkable efforts that we saw every day.

Ymir’s sister, Embla, was the marriage officiant on the wedding day. She also made all of the stationary and the website for the wedding.

Ymir’s father, Vigfús, played guitar beside the glacial lagoon when Rebecca walked down the beach to her wedding. Then he played in the band at the reception. In between he made almost all of the food along with Hilda, Rebecca’s sister.

Ymir’s mother, Sigurlaug, was driving, being a tour guide, orchestrating food, and arranging accommodations throughout the entire trip.

The examples could go on and on. The non-stop effort and care to make this wedding perfect was astounding.

Back to the centre of it all were the two people who mattered most, and the two who did not stop putting forth an effort for days on end.

Rebecca and Ymir took every single guests experience straight to heart, and it showed. They were making sandwiches, providing information, administrating rooms, dealing with vendors – and on, and on, and on. At times it would have been easy to forget that it was, after all, their wedding that we were there for.

It’s safe to say Rebecca and Ymir’s 15 – 20 hour days of remarkably hard work paid memorable dividends to every guest who was in Iceland for their wedding. We are very thankful to have been there and see first hand two of the most determined people we’ve ever met make their wedding a killer success.

Becky and Ymir’s Iceland wedding was feature on Green Wedding Shoes and Brides Without Borders.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Andria Lindquist

    damn. these are wonderful you guys.

  2. Ryan Brenizer

    You guys are the real freaking deal.

  3. Nick


  4. Kat

    Words do not suffice for this kind of perfection. Extraordinary.

  5. Steve Koo

    Absolutely love the shot near the beginning in front of the house and the mountains! You captured some great moments all-around, too. Nicely done!

  6. kyle hale

    I knew this was going to be good. Well done dudes.

  7. Andy Moss

    Truly beautiful photographs. You have such a wonderful style. What a fantastic location.

  8. Jacek Radunc / lovelywedding

    you are brilliant and recognizable to the mile !!! I adore your documentaries :) Jacek

  9. otto schulze

    one of the best shot weddings i have ever seen! simply superb gents!

  10. Zach Anderson

    This is just epic. I dont use that word much....but this deserves it.

  11. michele bowman

    so lovely. i adore this wedding to pieces. your work continues to inspire me.

  12. Nicole Firestone

    This is beyond incredible.

  13. Elissa

    Breathtaking. When I got to the shot of the bride and groom dancing blurrily in the center of the road, I had to scroll all the way down just to write how dizzily beautiful that photo is. And now I'll post this and scroll back up for the rest. But really, that one shot sums up soo much.

  14. Michael Wachniak


  15. Sam

    Speechless, specially for portraits by the water.

  16. nirav

    Incredibly done my friends!!

  17. benj haisch

    Friggin' A, guys. this is SO good.

  18. matthew morgan

    so dope.

  19. Rhys


  20. Michelle

    Absolutely beautiful.

  21. J Shoda

    Wow. It's so easy to get lost in the beauty of your work.

  22. jsa

    it's the little things that make you guys so great.

  23. michelle


  24. Tonhya Kae


  25. Anushe Low

    Beautiful guys!

  26. Danijela

    This is spectacular!

  27. Johanna

    Timeless. Moving. Unreal. I will dream beautiful dreams now. Good night :)

  28. Gabriel Hadarean

    Nice capture of the day! Lucky couple to have two visionaries to record the day!

  29. Sara K Byrne

    In awe. now I want to move to Iceland, get married there, and have you guys take the photos. this is truly amazing.

  30. Meagan

    These pictures, taken in this beautiful place, make me very happy.

  31. Alyssa Schroeder

    Icebergs and wedding photos. I sooo love it. These are beautiful.

  32. todd hunter mcgaw

    this blog post slapped me in the face... twice!

  33. Jessica Schilling

    So stunning. I love how all the wide portraits captured the beautiful landscapes around them.

  34. tobiah

    these are so amazing in every single way! wow! what a location too!

  35. Cinzia

    Wow Wow Wow! Awesome pics for awesome location!

  36. Tyler Branch

    i just got done taking notes. i doubt i covered it all even after looking it over twice. ace.

  37. Tall

    Awesome. Love all of the minimal portraits and the motion/dancing one. You guys are fantastic.

  38. Sachin Khona

    Your heads must have exploded when you got to Iceland .. this wedding has been well and truly Nordica'd Dream team!

  39. Heather

    This is SUCH a neat wedding!!

  40. Albert Palmer

    You never fail to disappoint. Great work guys.

  41. Dani

    Incredible location, Awesome shoots ¡ No words ¡ Simply i love your work ¡

  42. Teri Conrad

    Amazing as always! Faves were the black and white of the man's hands behind his back; brides blue boots and the little girl running! I so enjoy your photos! Bravo!

  43. Nora

    Wow, this is amazeballs! So much in fact I just made up a new

  44. Kim

    As a wedding guest, I've got to thank you for how well you captured that day's events and emotions. Your photos are a gift to Ymir and Becky and all of their guests!

  45. Anton Chia

    Artistic and romantically elegant. Its hard to describe your awesomeness with mundane words.

  46. Girish

    Superb photographs guys. Love it. What an awesome place to get married. Love the landscapes as well.

  47. Piotr Kubiak

    stunning location, interesting story and great photos :)

  48. Jakub Majewski

    Awesome pictures! Thanks guys for the opportunity to travel with you and experiencing incredible story.

  49. Jakub

    Wow! You guys are amazing! Good work!

  50. Annelie

    AMAZING! The one when they're dancing in the middle of the road is my favorite.

  51. gabe aceves

    this is really beautiful guys. i keep coming back.

  52. Tim

    so SO beautiful

  53. Brian Davis

    You guys are masters. Truly amazing wedding. I love how you always combine beautiful emotion, amazing details, and stunning scenery.

  54. Mike F

    Love everything about this post! amazing!

  55. olusegu ajose (bunmi's mom)

    Congratulations! Becky. I so admire your love of adventure. May your together be fill with many beautiful ones.

  56. Kristian Leven

    Fantastic work guys - amazing setting. Smashing it.

  57. Reimund Trost

    Another home run. Also love how up front you are about the seo bit. Keep at it. Cheers!

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    you guys just continue to dominate....simply amazing

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    you guys are crazy. I love how you guys document.

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    This is just amazing... No other words. You are epic.

  62. Ieva


  63. Geoff Heith

    This maybe the most amazing wedding location I've ever seen, seriously gents, these pictures are amazing!

  64. Seth

    This is so so good. wow.

  65. Becky

    I love the pictures of the waitresses with multiple bottles of wine. Our wine-importation business was a rousing success.

  66. Kat

    Gosh - I must have turned 8 different shades of jealousy green reading/looking at this post. what a gorgeous and unique location and you captured it beautifully.

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  68. Pepe Faraldo

    Soy un fan tuyo... tus fotografias son simplemente fantasticas. Saludos desde España

  69. Ste

    This is beautiful imagery. Love it.

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    Wow. With a little SEO, dreams do come true. Congratulations on making it there! The wedding looks amazing. Just ... amazing. Great people, great moments, great photos.

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    Fantastic work.crazy & love. Rock!!

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