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Iceland Wedding Photographer // Sophia & James

April 8, 2013

You have got to have the best job in the world.


Those were Sophia’s first words when I met up with her and James at Hotel Budir on the day before their wedding.

Those were also my exact thoughts as I drove up to the north western part of Iceland from Keflavik Airport earlier that morning, cruising between glaciers and wild horses on the narrow and isolated roads of the Snaefellsnes peninsula. The sun was blazing on the snow capped mountains and it was nothing less than magical.

With this experience still fresh in mind, I’m prepared to agree with Sophia. This has to be the best job in the world.

Here are a few frames from Sophia and James’ wedding day in Budir, Iceland.


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By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. tobiah

    Utterly Immense!

  2. Mike Olbinski

    Totally unfair :)

  3. Leo

    Yeah, you guys are just ridiculous. This is amazing work!

  4. Daniel

    Epic Shoots ¡ Wonderfull

  5. Stefan Hellberg

    A W E S O M E.

  6. Andreas Holm

    Wow! Beautiful! Well done!

  7. ed peers


  8. Steve Fuller

    amazing location!

  9. jairo crena

    Every thing nice. Nice pic, nice light, nice location, nice edit. As ed peers says; Craziness!

  10. Jouni

    Oh loooo.. Dropped my jaw!

  11. sachin

    Killer frames.. Loving the Black and Whites especially amigos!

  12. Kim

    Absolutely eye-stunning craziness! Love!

  13. Piotr

    great location, and great shots, so different

  14. mathias fast

    iiiinsane. +1 unfair =)

  15. Johanna

    Major goosebumps.

  16. Jacek

    beautiful and inspiring as usual

  17. Fredric


  18. Ben

    That sky in the 1st frame. Holy cow!

  19. Jon


  20. Aprile

    F*cking dope!

  21. Mark Sass

    WOW. Perfect.

  22. Craig Prentis

    Lovely shots from stunning location

  23. Andy Gaines

    Nor-some. x

  24. Dmitriy Frolov

    Oh man, that`s insane!

  25. Krista

    This is Stunning.

  26. Darren Roberts Photography

    Wow!! Such a cool location to shoot!!

  27. Girish

    Totally. Best job, no doubt :) Great pictures, great landscape, pretty bride = beautiful pictures. Well done.

  28. Mathias Cederholm

    Yes, the best job in the world! And those frames are just insane. The first one is beyond words.

  29. Anja

    you guys rock! seriously!!

  30. Albert Palmer

    Those landscape images blow me away

  31. Isabelle

    Holy Smokes! This is killer!!!! Love the warm & golden light, sweetness!

  32. Dale Lempa

    Truly outstanding captures. I can't believe you got all of these in one day.

  33. Annemari Ruthven

    This is just ridiculously awesome.

  34. Oli

    You guys are the kings.

  35. rahul

    Stunning!!!! as always.

  36. Ashley

    Holy cow - seriously gorgeous images ...

  37. jose anzueto

    OMG. This is mesmerizing. absolutely stunning. I'm speechless

  38. Story of Eve

    Simply stunning.

  39. Eliza

    Blown away. As per usual! Your work is truly remarkable, inspiring, outstanding.

  40. nirav

    Incredibly beautiful guys.

  41. /mariahedengren

    Wow, those locations are breathaking. Once again, stunning imagery.

  42. Yann Mignonet

    Impossible story !!! That can't be true ... this landscape, this awesomely gorgeous couple, this light, ...

  43. Amy

    I'm seriously beginning to think Iceland must be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Incredibly beautiful work!

  44. Brittany

    So beautiful! Love your composition and the way you included the landscape into the photos.

  45. Luke Hayden

    You guys make some of the best art around. Simply amazing.

  46. tim riddick

    mic drop.... and walk off the stage...

  47. Anni

    These are unreal in the very best way. So beautiful.

  48. Shipra Panosian

    Are you kidding?? What AMAZING images!!!! That image of the couple on the rocks with the lighthouse is epic! Such a thrill to see your work!

  49. Kristian Leven had me from the first image. These are ridiculous.

  50. Mike

    This doesn't even seem real. Absolutely breathtaking work. You definitely have the best job, and you're damn good at it.

  51. PJ Photos

    better than a first one! 1. image is pure Ansel Adams

  52. Ross Harvey

    Awesome :)

  53. ILKKA K

    Seriously, guys? Seriously? Unbelievable work in an absolutely out-of-this-world location. Amazing.

  54. Luke

    today will be simple... WOW!!!!

  55. Sinereh

    These are so crazy good! Love the the scenery!

  56. Julian Beattie

    Crazy location -- you guys nailed it!

  57. Michelle Dupont

    beautiful beyond words.....

  58. Kim

    Jeez. Every single one of these shots is amazing on their own, let alone all together? Just brilliant. I have GOT to get my booty to Snaefellsnes this summer!

  59. Darin Collison

    No point having a killer location if the images can't do it justice. This is coolness.

  60. Rik Pennington

    Sublime Jakob.

  61. Jannie Erasmus

    How amazingly beautiful! It is like looking at scenes from a romantic movie!!

  62. aga

    wow, just wow at the photography and location. blown away.

  63. louie

    Awesomeness Guys

  64. geneoh

    gahhhh, so good.

  65. gee

    your best stuff is from Iceland, awesome !!!

  66. Zosia

    Guys...I words....AH-MAZING!

  67. Tom

    Oi, stop hogging all the Iceland weddings! Dan and Cole and the Circle of Awesome. again.

  68. northierthanthou

    Austere and beautiful.

  69. mike

    Best job in the world for sure.

  70. Adonye Jaja


  71. Steve & Sandra

    Wow! speechless, what a beautiful set of images, such gorgeous scenery. Steve & Sandra

  72. Sandra

    Would kill to see more of this wedding!

  73. WhiteDressPhoto Jesús Caballero

    OMG. Sublime. Thank you for sharing this history....

  74. Derek Martinez

    These are incredible, phenomenal work as always!

  75. Jozef

    Excellent work and style guys like usually. JP

  76. Nedine Schoeman

    Beautiful pictures. amazing! Iceland is truly breath taking complimented by your photos.

  77. Darred Joubert

    Love these pics and what a location!!

  78. Dafydd Hughes

    Love it. Some really good thinking out of the box!

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