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Iceland Wedding Photographer // Sophia & James

May 21, 2013

Instead of the traditional UK wedding, Sophia and James wanted a simple affair in a spectacular location. Just the two of them, amazing nature and someone to capture their day in stills.

Never having been to Iceland before, they were attracted by its melancholy and natural wonders. So, just like that, they bought plane tickets, booked the black church at Budir and flew in a photographer from Sweden.

Why not.

Iceland showed it’s best, moody side the day they exchanged vows in Budir, a tiny place a few hours north-west of Reykjavik. Cole and I have visited Iceland a few times by now, but the landscapes never cease to amaze us. It’s the perfect destination if mind-blowing surroundings is what you want for your wedding.

Here’s Sophia and James’ story.


[audio:|titles=What Else Is There?]

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Sophia and James’ wedding was featured on Rock N Roll Bride, Pjatt (Icelandic) and Der Schweizer Hochzeitsblog (German).

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. David

    Great landscape, doc work and portraiture.....a little something for any fan of photography. Killer work guys!

  2. Jean

    Could this be any more brilliant? No. It's perfection. Absolutely breathtaking.

  3. Camilla Jørvad

    speechless as always!

  4. Rhys

    This is so utterly beautiful.

  5. Dmitriy Frolov

    Guys, that is seriously mind-blowing! The couple is outstanding, groom looks like a ROCK star) They must be happy to have such a photos.

  6. Raul P. Pellicer

    Awesome!. honestly impressive.

  7. Yolande Marx

    Together with the music it feels like I just watched a movie. A powerful one. You guys are legend.

  8. Sandra

    Again, outstanding and epic.

  9. Tuomas Mikkonen

    Very cool set! Great work guys!

  10. Luke Hayden

    Stunning work man. That place looks amazing and you've really captured it beautifully.

  11. Emilie White

    Amazing place in the world. Stunning couple. And breathtaking images. perfect.

  12. Jakub

    Totally incredible dude.

  13. Jouni

    Superb work Jakob. Looking at these pictures you get a feeling that everything's abandoned, almost untouched yet so beautiful. Views are to kill for. Beautiful couple. Works.

  14. Andraz Gregoric

    Beautiful couple, beautiful location and amazing photos.

  15. viva wedding photography

    Simply stunning. I so would have loved to have shot this.

  16. Annemari Ruthven

    This is just so amazing. I have no words.

  17. Girish

    What a location that is. Kick A%^ landscapes :) Well done guys. Beautiful set of pictures. I guess few people know these places well, you might be among those lucky few.

  18. Oli

    Yep, that's some prime Nordica ridic right there.

  19. Dominique

    Oh yes, this is gorgeous. LOVE it!

  20. JK Blackwell

    Oh... I want to visit Iceland now! Love the dog at the window image too.

  21. Nitin Kapoor

    It is so stunning. Great work.I really don't have words enough to say how good it is.

  22. Zosia

    You guys! That is take-my-breath-away/brain-exploding awesome! <3

  23. Mathias Cederholm

    Great balance in this post, details, landscape and portraits. Awesome stuff as always.

  24. Nicola Thompson

    Woah! You cant beat that it gives me chills!

  25. Sara

    Stunning! !!!

  26. Carey Nash

    I love it Jakob! Every shot tells a story and I'm totally digging the ceremony, so fantastic!

  27. Elissa

    Wow wow wow, just freaking wow. Way to make me weep a little, guys.

  28. oriana

    It is like a dream!! wonderfull images!!! congratulations

  29. bryan

    jaw on the ground.

  30. Michael Wachniak


  31. Dennis Berti

    Amazing photos and incredible place. Love your style

  32. Per

    Jag verkligen njuter av detta=) helt underbart.

  33. Anja

    You leave me speechless. Everytime I visit your blog I am in awe! Your work is outstanding. I don't know what to add, you rock Jakob!

  34. Veronica Varos

    Brilliant portraits. The shot of the dog through the glass door is spectacular.

  35. daniel usenko

    Wow! So freaking gorgeous!

  36. nadine

    those bride/groom portraits are amazing!

  37. fer juaristi

    just loco amigos, lovely coverage.

  38. Stephanie

    What a stunning location. Beautiful work

  39. mathias

    wtf. incredible stuff.

  40. Becky

    Wow. Stunning. Every photos just brilliant. Love your composition

  41. Victor Saidov

    Wow, just wow! This is ridiculously awesome! I am a fan!

  42. Darin Collison

    Pretty damn wow.

  43. Bec

    I didn't want that blog post to end. I love that there was only the two of them, you guys and these guys were a match made in heaven for sure. I really want to get married in Iceland now... with Nordica.

  44. nirav

    un-freakin' real.

  45. nora

    Incredible. Looks like something out of a movie!

  46. Joaquin Corbalan Foto

    Iceland is a paradise for any photographer. I have been there last fall and then i was wondering how could be a wedding in there... simply amazing.

  47. sachin

    Mind blowing indeed. Cinematic frames dudes!

  48. Derek

    So damn good, incredible work and stunning portraits!

  49. Jeremy

    So beautiful and personal. I love the intimacy you show through the photos.

  50. Mercedes

    Absolutely amazingly beautiful.

  51. Sinereh

    So so stunning. The wind, the scenery, I love it all!

  52. Egle

    exceptional. so beautiful...

  53. Kristian Leven

    Holy crap dude - that is beautiful work.

  54. Squall

    Oh my God. Unbelievable.

  55. Andreas Holm

    Crazy good!

  56. Ariana Watts

    Goodness gracious. This is just. Wow. Amazing. Incredible work.

  57. Ruby

    OMG!!! I want to get married in Iceland!!!!:-) WOW!! Great photos

  58. Daniel H.

    A very unique small wedding in such a special place. Great work.

  59. thanasis kaiafas

    What can i say guys.... I have never seen a wedding like this one... Absolutely amazing!

  60. zulbard

    one word "awesome"

  61. Brano

    Definitely good choice from them.

  62. Tomaž

    It was a real treat to look through these. Love the serenity of the scenery mixed with this beautiful couple. Splendid work!

  63. Sofia Daniels

    Well, this is among the best I've ever seen when it comes to wedding photography, storytelling and fine art. Reminds me of the Swedish painter Lars Lerin. So good.

  64. mike

    Love the concept, love the execution.

  65. Jose Miranda

    Your photographs are outstanding, I can spend hours watching them. Congratulations

  66. Mat Simpson

    Wow. This would be THE MOST amazing wedding to photograph...

  67. Magnús Ó. Ingvarsson

    Very extraordinary wedding... also extraordinary photography.

  68. Hrönn

    What a beautiful wedding. Have a happy happy life. Greetings from Iceland

  69. Hrund

    Perfect wedding! My grandfather was born and raised at Budir. My favorite place in the whole world. Xoxo Hrund.

  70. ola

    What a beautiful wedding. Have a happy happy life. Greetings from Iceland.

  71. cinca photography

    Amazing photos! Great idea to use icelandic beauty for such important day.

  72. Sonia Gabiatti


  73. Hilarity

    Oh wow! What an amazing wedding the image where the sun pops out is dreamy!! Can't wait to visit Iceland ! Not long now!!

  74. Sonja P R

    Absolutely stunning photography! Having just returned from visiting Iceland, I can understand the magnetism of the country and the couple wanting to have a small, intimate wedding. Wonderful work! Good luck to the couple.

  75. Jon Kari Hilmarsson

    Amazing pictures. I shared them on WOW air’s Facebook site. Getting a lot of response. Keep up the good work.

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  78. Navin

    Nothing can get better than this, I mean look at the rockstar groom and such beautiful bride. And the photograph s, am speechless about them, this is PERFECTION

  79. Soumen Nath

    Awwwww, thats a nice set of pictures. good work. And Lucky couple.

  80. Ben

    Incredible photographs! Very well done.

  81. Wedding photography adelaide

    You guys dominated this landscape....I recently shot there and it's a tricky landscape to work with. Well done!

  82. best candid wedding photographers in delhi

    Such a fantastic wedding and gorgeous couple.

  83. alessandro

    wow! amazing pcitures! lovely

  84. duesudue

    Amazing photos as always, congrats Nordica!!!

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