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Indian Wedding Photography // Rishima & Fernando

April 11, 2011

We did our best in our attempts to keep up with all the cultures and traditions that were flying around us during Rishima and Fernando’s wedding day. We were prepared for a big cultural mix from the Mehndi ceremony a couple of days earlier, but it was even more than we expected.

From what we can remember, there was a lot of family from Trinidad and Tobago, Peru, India and various spots in North America. The wedding had a traditional Hindu ceremony, and the Brahmin (Hindu priest) came all the way from India. We counted numerous languages throughout the day (Spanish, Hindi, English, French, Sanskrit – maybe more), and everyone at the wedding were carrying their cultures with them loud and proud.

The wedding day was 17 hours of photography, which under normal circumstances may have felt like a long day. But this wedding had so much going on throughout, we swear it felt like only a few hours. It was intense, it was meticulous, and it instilled what we already felt like we had known: Cross-cultural weddings are awesome and we’re stoked to do more.

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Rishima and Fernando’s multicultural wedding was featured on Pocket Full of Dreams.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Fer Juaristi

    in love with this post guys!

  2. Alfred and Emma

    Love this set. For such a long day, you really brought energy from beginning to end. Need to add you to my google reader!

  3. Brittany

    Holy crumb. I was more than happy to wait for all the images to load. Stunning.

  4. Lana

    LOVE the location choice for their portraits.. the contrast of their elegance and the non-elegance of the location creates awesome photos!

  5. Sachin

    Great shots and a beautiful couple.. bravo fellas!

  6. Nick

    what a beautiful story you've told here. I feel like I was there! gorgeous gorgeous stuff, there's not one shot I'm not In love with.

  7. Vida Carson

    Wow, you are a true story teller. I love your style, so consistent and so beautiful.

  8. Tyler

    sheesh. so good.

  9. Albert Palmer

    Love the atmosphere you capture in your work - I need to try harder! The creative portraits are also stunning - simple but striking.

  10. Lynn

    Wow, this post is HUGE and I can see why! Great job telling the story of the many stunning details.

  11. ALMA

    Very high technical journalistic photography and I love your creativity!! all talent!

  12. Porter Watkins

    the location of the b&g portraits is fantastic, great atmosphere

  13. Shipra

    You guys are sooooooooo good at what you do! I loved seeing your take on this wedding. Totally non-traditional and it sucked me right in. The bride has a radiant smile!

  14. Josh

    jeez! This is one of the most awesome weddings I've ever seen. Your style is crazy freaking awesome! I can't wait for more.

  15. Xanthe

    Indeed, what did happen to Charlie Sheen? We may never know. What we do know, however, is that you guys totally rock weddings and this one is clearly no exception. Stunning, stunning work.

  16. Brian Davis

    Been waiting for this captured it perfectly! Awesome colors and details. You guys nailed it.

  17. ayesha

    just beautiful...!

  18. Drew W

    Dudes, you guys rock so hard. I love the straight forward BA photo journalism.

  19. Leah Muse

    Their day is so epic. Love the shots of the couple in the harsh light with the shadow trees.

  20. Paul Von Rieter

    The only word I can think to use is; exquisite.

  21. Joanna D

    Great style - I love your compositions, your timing, your processing, everything. This is great work and we all as photographers have a lot to learn. Beautiful. :)

  22. Jon Cardiff

    Love Asian weddings, lovely colours! Awesome photos.

  23. Alex

    Beautiful and soft B & W photos! Nice job.

  24. Tall

    Great compositions. All. Day. Long. Sweet!

  25. Samuel

    The are just ridiculously good!

  26. Dmitriy Frolov

    I wish I have such a feel of frame. Your photos are full of love, energy, passion. Love them all. It`s inspiring

  27. Heather

    Fabulous storytelling at play here. I especially love the bridal shots in front of the metal building!

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