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Indian Wedding Vancouver // Daisy & Mali

December 5, 2011

The “in-between” moments get a lot of attention in the wedding photography world, and rightfully so. They’re important spices that give a wedding its flavour.

The most interesting in-between moments for us usually have nothing to do with photography, and are often what we remember from the wedding. It can be a conversation we were having with the couple while taking their picture, or perhaps something that happened, something we’ll never forget.

Take Daisy and Mali, for example.

We were on day three of their three day Sikh wedding, and we were finishing their portraits beside the Olympic Village in Vancouver. Everything was going smooth – the pictures were turning out great and we were right on schedule for the 6:00PM arrival time at the reception in Surrey, where the 500 or so guests were waiting (about 45 minutes away).

At about 5:15, we cut things off so that we wouldn’t be late.

“Are you sure? We can keep going and get more if you think we should”, Daisy said.

“We’ve got lots – let’s head out so you’re not late”, we replied.

So Daisy and Mali hopped into their car, and we hopped into ours. We fired up our Jimmy (which had just shy of 400,000 kms – we’ll come back to that in a second) and they sort of fired up their VW.

We say sort of because, well, it sort of didn’t want to start. And eventually didn’t. It was dead.

So, here we were on a tight schedule with a stunning bride looking like she was on her way to a fashion shoot, an Indian groom with a bit of a James Bond thing going on, two photographers and a dead car. We did the most logical thing that came to mind and had Daisy steer the car while we pushed it about a kilometer, to a spot where it would be safe overnight.

Parallel parking a dead car with no power-steering wasn’t exactly easy, but we managed. And into the Jimmy we went, which was comedy in itself because earlier that day, we had been joking that it was due to die any day with so many kilometers.

But the Jimmy survived and we made it to the reception on time, and nobody had any idea we had just been pushing around a dead VW 45 minutes earlier.

So there are different interpretations of in-between moments in our industry, but for us, every wedding seems to have some sort of a special memory that sticks. Like pushing a dead car.

Day one:

Day two:

Day three:

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. gabe aceves

    woah men. truly special guys.

  2. Elissa

    Wow. What I love about your work is that every photo makes me pause and think about the story. You guys don't go in for the obvious shot. This is just spectacular.

  3. Sam

    Just amazing. I can't begin to comprehend how delighted they must be with these photographs. They are stunning.

  4. Mike F

    killed it! awesome post guys!

  5. Taina

    hello miraculousness! hello vision! these equal crazy good. i love what you two create. every. single. time.

  6. James

    Wow, every one of these shots is strong!

  7. Zach Anderson

    you guys are just on fire. also this post makes me tired just thinking about shooting for 3 days.

  8. Heather

    OOH! The colors are so amazing!!

  9. ed peers

    This is EPIC. Unreal work guys.

  10. Andreas

    You guys.........are GOOD ! !

  11. sam hurd

    i literally can't even fathom better wedding photography. this shot is off the charts

  12. Michael Wachniak

    I have no words guys. These are spectacular.,

  13. Reimund Trost

    Your hard work and effort shines through every frame. This is truly awesome. And what a couple. And what a party. This is awesome. Hatten av, pojkar.

  14. Bec

    fantastic! the day looked amazing.

  15. Joseph

    I just think this is absolutely amazing! I love all the coverage, but their portraits are thee best!

  16. Tim

    epic adventure. amazing work AGAIN!

  17. Brian Furbush

    These are absolutely incredible guys - the bride is stunning, and the portraits are absolutely off the charts. Great shooting.

  18. ayesha

    oh you guys. you kill me. for real. tooooo many favorites to list. such a gorgeous retelling of this wedding story. the portraits are killer... but i'm enraptured by the moments and the perspectives you used to capture them. as always...

  19. Ryan Brenizer

    Now that is full-service wedding photography. Lots and lots of great stuff here.

  20. alyda

    you guys are my wedding photography hero's, seriously! every image in this set is incredible. gggaahhhhhhh

  21. Jonas Peterson


  22. Josh Gull

    Un-freakin-believable work guys.

  23. Nora

    Wow! Absolutely mind blowing. What an awesome wedding. Great work guys :)

  24. Erik Clausen

    Guys, this is spectacular coverage. Tons of awesome shit here. It just kept getting better and better. Well played.

  25. Zosia

    So so so good!

  26. Natalie Champa Jennings

    Stunning. You guys are so talented.

  27. Adam Houseman

    Whoa! Absolutely some of the best storytelling moments I've ever seen. Way too many to pick favorites. You guys are amazing artists.

  28. Amanda Basteen

    woah. so amazing. I LOVE the smoke on the dance floor, how awesome is that.

  29. Tomasz Wagner

    Nice work guys!

  30. Christian Gideon

    so much ass was kicked here you guys are at the top of the game

  31. Caroline

    I don't cuss, but I swear I'm about to. Instead this is as close as you'll get from me: $%#!@&%$!@!

  32. Kyle

    The bar was raised so high with this wedding that I can't even see it, let alone ever be able to reach.

  33. Teresa K

    Wow, these are mind-blowing seriously...from start to finish...such an inspiration.

  34. farhad Samari

    rockstar status!!! awesome job doods.

  35. Jakub Majewski

    I am speechless ... !!!

  36. Scout

    This is phenomenal.

  37. Girish

    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful. Fantastic photographs. I like the emphasis on those eyes. :)

  38. Matt Stanton

    Amazing. What an experience and as ever your vision & beauty shine in the pictures.

  39. Kat Braman

    I absolutely LOVE Indian weddings. This is spectacular. bravo boys, bravo.

  40. Sally Watts

    Truly beautiful. There's a real connection to these images.

  41. Jesse Pafundi

    My brain just exploded into a million tiny pieces. This is beyond epic. Just WOW.

  42. Pardeep Singh

    Just awesome photos guys. Great work.

  43. Jeff Chang

    unbelievable you two. You could literally publish a book with these images. Freakin' awesome.

  44. Leah Muse

    I don't even know what to comment on. These are absolutely gorgeous and more than one made me stop dead in my tracks. Soooo goooood!

  45. brie

    I don't know where to start. The couple is gorgeous! I love the portraits in front of the barn and the baby crawling across the aisle is so adorable. Amazing job.

  46. afnan

    speechless.. this is truly awesome!

  47. Sachin Khona

    What eyes you have..

  48. Anne

    This is...... amazing. The event itself looks like it was worthy of being called epic. The images you captured really show all of the details - and not just in the "stuff". All of the little expressions, the joy and tears... all of it. So good.

  49. Julianna Rennard

    I've seen a lot of Indian weddings before but this one is amazing! So many beautiful moments you guys captured. Really lovely and compelling work. :)

  50. nirav

    Making my people proud haha. Dudes, if I get renew vows, you guys are shooting.

  51. brett maxwell

    These photos are pretty good, maybe you have a real talent for this. ;) Kidding! These are mind-blowing awesome! And I hope you've submitted that photo of Daisy's eyes just visible above the bouquet (?) to some major competitions, because that's a winner right there.

  52. Sonia Jansson


  53. Alex


  54. Kristian Leven

    So impressed - you'd think over three days you'd lose it a bit creatively, but the images are well thought out and unique. Great great work.

  55. Iain Gomes

    What a fantastic post. The photos, the culture, the people, the moments... all so very good.

  56. Andy Gaines

    Wow! An Epic post and some insane coverage! Just come across your work, must have been under a rock for a while... Really inspiring stuff - so cheers guys!

  57. Jeremy Keltner

    Wow. Wall to wall great, awesome, badass wedding!

  58. Lars Virdeby

    Just awesome !! (Jädrar vad snyggt)

  59. Baljit

    Awesome job ..Story is funny as well. Love your work.

  60. Sidd Rishi

    Nice work here mate. You got a different style. Keep it up.

  61. David Bell

    Gorgeous, unique style. I love all the dancing shots near the end. Great creativity!

  62. Seattle Wedding Photographer

    Beautiful Pics. That must have been one crazy couple of days. I love the wide range of emotions that pour out of each of your photo's. Great work.

  63. Doug Palme Photography

    Incredible work! Absolutely incredible, not a single picture that was remotely off....keep up the great work!!

  64. Farrah

    So amazing.

  65. Kismet

    This wedding seems like it happened right in the heart of Punjab! Awesome photos!

  66. Marshall, Michigan Wedding Photographer

    I can't even fathom photographing an Indian wedding. I would be scared that I would miss something. You do Truly Beautiful Work!

  67. Bartlett Pair Photography

    Extremely sharp bokeh, are you using lens wide open @ 1.4 or something?

  68. Sarah Khamsoda

    What a beautiful insight into an indian wedding, gorgeous!

  69. Dav Hughes

    Wow wow wow! I really don't know where to start. There are not just a few incredible images in that post - there are loads. You've captured emotion, energy - everything. In addition to this the posed shots are superb - and illustrate great thought! What eye for photography you have!

  70. Ian Baker

    Stunning photography guys, absolutely wonderful tones, really, very impressive. Thanks Ian

  71. Wedding Photography Delhi

    Wow! The wedding looks fabulous. It is really important to have a good photographer for wedding. They made the images lively like a picture perfect.

  72. Hamish Jordan

    Stunning shots, so nice to see such a colourful wedding!

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