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Iona Beach Engagement Photography // Maggie & Ray

November 26, 2010

Iona Beach is a park right beside YVR (Vancouver’s airport). It’s a spot we had never seen before the session, so finding this diamond in the rough was a pretty nice surprise.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Alex

    LOVE these!

  2. Jesse G

    Love your silhouettes, and the B&W conversions are amazing! Great looking couple too!

  3. alexis

    Clapping happy dance. Beautiful work. Couples will hire you not only to capture them, but to turn them into fine art. Well done.

  4. Shella

    This set has got a real gorgeous moody feel to it - lovely!

  5. Natalie

    You have such a creative eye - it's inspiring! Beautiful!

  6. Mary Sylvia

    I love the mood of these images, not to mention they could happily live in a fine arts gallery!

  7. Mary Sylvia

    That photo of the mountains is so brilliant it needs to be hanging on a wall!

  8. Rachael

    I love your use of space and lines, these are amazing!

  9. Avelaine Scyrup

    Love the mood of these images. Very nice landscapes!

  10. Tab McCausland

    Loving the muted tones! Good job.

  11. Johanna

    Me likey! Very beautiful place for beautiful photos. The couple must love these!

  12. shipra

    ooh, lovely to look through. Like an art exhibit! The muted processing is so powerful and moving.

  13. Becca Dilley

    Wow, I love how brooding these images feel, even as they are lovely couple photos. Amazing job, I am very inspired.

  14. Daniel Krieger

    These are really amazing..those plane shots are awesome. I love the minimal feel with some of your compositions as well as your processing/colors. Great work

  15. Lisa Novakowski

    Beautiful set! I love the mood in these, and the shot with their intertwined hands is Stunning!

  16. Joshua Gull

    It really is crazy how good you guys are. Incredible shots.

  17. Andy Rapkins

    These are simply stunning. Location, composition, light and processing are all incredible. I love the stark feel to the images which contrasts to the absolute warmth felt from Maggie & Ray. Superb.

  18. Heather

    OH, I adore that third shot!!! Awesome!

  19. Bill Millios

    The fourth one from the top is stunning. It cries out "Print me large!" Awesome work.

  20. maggie

    i didn't even realize these were posted until my neighbor recently asked ray if we had gotten our photos taken by nordica. she had seen these photos and recognized us! thanks for the awesome work, and i am honored to have introduced you guys to this great location. and yes, we plan to print one of the photos from the session onto a large framed canvas!

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