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Italy Wedding Photography

Italy Wedding Photography

The reason you found this page is because of two things: You are looking for a wedding photographer in Italy and we want to photograph a wedding in Italy. So, you’re not lost and we’re happy that you landed here.

Why us and why Italy?

We are wedding photographers who live between Stockholm, Sweden and Vancouver, Canada. We focus on destination weddings and we have photographed weddings all over the place: Iceland, Dominican Republic, Canada, Mexico, Finland, Sweden, etc.

But we’re yet to visit Italy and in our eyes, that is one of the most exotic locations on earth. And we’re not just blowing smoke when we say that: The landscape, the culture, the people and the opportunities for incredible photographs are incredible in Italy, so for wedding photographers, it’s our “nirvana”.

What Now?

So, we’re assuming that you are looking for someone to photograph your wedding in Italy. You found us, which is a good start, but now what?

Because you may not have heard of us before, we would suggest checking out our work here:

Dig deep through our portfolio and get acquainted with our work. There are many different styles of wedding photography out there, so make sure ours is for you.

Once you have done that, feel free to fill the fields out below and share with us more about your wedding. From there we will get back to you with some pricing information and who knows, maybe we will meet one day in Italy.


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