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Kamloops Wedding Photography // One Look

September 11, 2010

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. jessi

    LOVE! everything... the DOF, her eyes closed, the processing!

  2. Rob Masefield

    Cracker jack shot mate!

  3. Alexis Sweet

    oh how lovely.

  4. Paul Von Rieter

    good grief that is good stuff.

  5. Lara Eichhorn

    Sweet shot. Love the colours.

  6. Ryan Brenizer

    Never thought I'd leave this as a comment, but that is some awesome bokeh.

  7. Avelaine Scyrup


  8. Alicia Kennison

    Nice processing.

  9. Alicia Kennison

    Nice processing here :)

  10. Lauren

    Love the closeness, lots of emotion showing in this one!

  11. april

    wow !

  12. Mike

    Very cool processing here! What a background.

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