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Kelowna Wedding Photography // Lindsay & Robbie

September 8, 2010

The best time to learn something non-photography related while photographing a wedding seems to be during the speeches.

Inevitably, somebody will say something that will stick in your mind and you wake up the next day thinking about that new tidbit of useful knowledge.

At Robbie and Lindsay’s Quails Gate Winery wedding, there were two useful nuggets of knowledge that we picked up on.

The first was about the Seven-Year Rule of Relationships. As a friend of Robbie pointed out, when you’re in a long-term relationship, you’re eventually given two options as you close in on the seven-year mark.

Option one: You have kids. Option two: You get married.

Robbie went with option two.

The second lesson was from given by one of Lindsay’s bridesmaids, and we felt it rang the truest out of any speech we’ve heard at a wedding.

She spoke about deep-rooted friendships, and the evolution that happens as people’s lives transform into adulthood. She said that the truest friendships, as was the case with her and Lindsay, will change over time, but will never be different.

When we were photographing this wedding and as we went through the pictures afterwards, it seemed very apparent that Robbie and Lindsay have always been the kind of people you want around you in your life. That solid character is something that will never change.

The only thing in their lives now is what’s different. What’s different now is two strong individuals have come together and will undoubtedly have a hell of a successful life together.

And all of this happened within seven years.

Makeup // Shimmer and Gloss
Venue // Quails Gate Winery
Hair // Chatters Salon

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Nikole

    Amazing. Everything about this wedding was gorgeous. And the photos aren't too shabby either ;) I love the pier shots.

  2. suzanne

    Those pier shots and the dress hanging from under the window are absolutely KILLER!!! And the speeches are always without a doubt my fav part of a wedding!

  3. Preston

    Excellent work. Great colors. Keep it up!

  4. april

    WOW !

  5. Laurie Peacock

    You use of negative space is wonderful. Great set.

  6. Mylan

    Fantastic job gentlemen!

  7. melissa

    amazing job guys. I had a blast with you guys. Your pictures made me laugh and cry, as did the wedding. You captured it perfect

  8. Jessi

    Well gosh what a lavish setting!

  9. Kyle

    Every time I see a new wedding from you I am more and more impressed. This entire thing is amazing, but the lines in the dress and shoe shots are just freaking incredible!

  10. Joey Chandler

    Dude - you are rockin the free world. Love that shot of the kid running in the vineyard. Great, Great work.

  11. Joseph Yarrow

    This blog needs more pictures. I joke. I loved that series of pictures with the little boy and the fan! Hilarious and heart warming! Well done!

  12. Mike

    Great compositions and especially nice narrative blog layout! Sweet work.

  13. Cliff

    Such clean composition and ideas throughout. Really dig the photo-journalistic approach.

  14. Blue Lotus Photography

    Great use of angles. I am going to add you to my Google Reader right now!

  15. Paul Von Rieter

    srsly. I mean srsly. This set rocks so hard it is insane. BEAUTIFUL. You have the best perspective I have EVER run across. Stupid awesome.

  16. Joe Sanfilippo

    Absolutely beautiful. You have such an amazing style. The first few shots of this post really caught my eye AND KEPT ME WANTING MORE. STELLAR photography!

  17. Lisa Novakowski

    Could the location have been more fantastic?? Your photography is amazing, as usual! Stunning work!

  18. Anna

    Faboulous photos! Fantastic place, wanna go there... But what songs was in the film?

  19. Heather

    I love the shots in the limo, very cool!

  20. Lindy

    Hi there, I am getting married in Kelowna next weekend! Where were these photos taken? Some at quails gate but any other location? We are from out of town so we are trying to learn the hot spots! Thanks!

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