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Kenya Wedding Photographer // Maureen & Chad

June 27, 2012

A few months ago, Maureen sent us an email saying something like this:

“Wedding photos in the Serengeti, how cool would that be?”

We never made it to the Serengeti, but I did meet up with Maureen and Chad in Nairobi, Kenya and we travelled together to the Masai Mara National Reserve, the northern continuation of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

And yeah, how cool would safari wedding photos be.


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By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Naomi Goggin

    This is by far the most epic wedding photo I have seen in a while. Awesome work guys! x

  2. Brian Furbush

    Holy hell. Absurdly good dude.

  3. Jenny


  4. Mercedes


  5. Jakub Majewski


  6. Sam

    Gorgeous. Maureen was right.

  7. rahul

    this shot is ridiculously sick!!! amazing!

  8. Phill

    This makes me want to laugh, smile and maybe even cry all at once!

  9. michele bowman

    truly breathtaking.

  10. William Kim

    just bonkers! so good!

  11. Jesse Pafundi

    I can't tell if im inspired, jealous, sad or happy. This is insane.

  12. Kristian Leven

    OH.MY.GOD. That is beautiful.

  13. Elissa

    I want to hug this photo..

  14. Jason Mize

    are you freakin kidding me!!!!!

  15. Dmitriy Frolov


  16. Fotograf Elin Ivemo Photography

    That's unreal!

  17. ed peers

    Holy cow. What. A. Frame.

  18. Andreas Holm


  19. Taylor

    UNREAL. Jakob this is epic.

  20. mike


  21. April

    Stunning !

  22. Erin K Wilson

    Oh. My. Land. EPIC.

  23. Pawel Bebenca

    WOW !!!

  24. lin

    Jacob, this is more than awesome! Great work!

  25. kmh

    Circle of awesome dudes

  26. kmh

    Circle of awesome, dudes

  27. tim

    silly good

  28. Alec Vanderboom


  29. Alyda

    Can not stop looking at it! Is this real life?

  30. Eric Kotara


  31. Nate

    Talk about IMPACT.. stunning! On the gear front, big long lens?

  32. gabe aceves

    Damn Jakob.

  33. nick

    mother of god.

  34. fer juaristi

    VISBON alert!

  35. Javier Abad


  36. Oli

    Man. That's beans.

  37. Ovidiu

    I was worth the trip only for this image, this is stunning!

  38. Jakub

    Beautiful work. Very cool indeed!

  39. Zosia


  40. Zosia

    ...or in other words...awesome!

  41. Girish

    Classic image, what a beauty that shot is. Love it.

  42. Dean Govier

    Crazy good. If this doesnt get hung on a wall I'll eat my watch.

  43. Jonas Peterson

    Håll. Käften.

  44. caroline

    ummmmmmmmmmmmm. holy-

  45. fotografia ślubna wrocław


  46. tobiah

    WOAH! this is straight out of the Lion King!!! Awesomeness!

  47. Ryan

    This is like the most amazing wedding shot I've seen in a long time. Well done!

  48. nirav

    Mind exploded. Lovely shot my friend.

  49. simon

    wow you kids get around! epic

  50. benj haisch

    un-freaking believable. I may have cursed inside my head when I saw this the first time. and this is probably my 5th time coming back to look at it. sweet mother of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  51. s h e r r y

    Oh wow. THIS CANNOT BE REAL! My mind is blown...

  52. Henrik Mill

    Galet bra! Unreal!

  53. Greg Meir

    What a fantastic image. That sunset is amazing.

  54. Lev Kuperman

    is this real life?????? amazing.

  55. Brittany


  56. sarah mc donnell


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