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Krista & Tyler // East Vancouver Wedding

June 28, 2010

Krista is a soft spoken person, the kind of woman who chooses her words wisely. What she’s keeping beneath those carefully selected words is the type of old-soul wisdom that can silence an entire room.

We learned this when she read a story that she had written. She read it out loud in front of the room at Me & Julio on her wedding day, and the eloquence of what she orated struck a chord with everyone in the room.

She wrote about a plot of land Tyler and her had bought in the Interior. She could have continue telling that story all night if she chose to, and the whole room would have been enthralled the entire time. It was simply beautiful, and an incredible metaphor for their love.

One day Krista will have a book published, and when people read what she has to say, it will turn some heads.



By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Hilary Henegar

    Breath taking...

  2. Tia Singh

    That pic of them kissing in the woods with light around them is like right out of a fairytale .. ethereal & stunning!

  3. Girish

    Nice shots mates. Really like your style. Awesome photographs in the video. Very inspiring. Cool music.

  4. susan barter

    Absolutely first-class wedding memories of 2 very special people,families and friends. BRAVO These photos won't be stored away and collect dust on a shelf! Thank you for capturing the whole day - you've given us so many beautiful shots - and the music awesome. Thank you. Aunt Susan B.

  5. Nordica

    @Tia Singh - After Googling what 'ethereal' meant, we're thrilled that you felt that way about the pictures! @susan barter - The music really compliments the images, and the band again is called Mojave. Good Canadian kids from the West Coast! @Girish - You (by far) make the most comments on our site, and this does not go unnoticed. We appreciate you continuing to visit and interact with our site!

  6. alison

    Fantastic photos! I was there and you really captured the spirit of the day. Would you mind if I put a couple of shots of the dress on my works website? I designed the dress and Krista looks so gorgeous in it, I'd love to post a couple...

  7. Nordica

    @Alison - We're always up for stuff like this! Send us an email to and we'll work this out!

  8. Mary

    You guys did such an amazing job! The pictures really capture their real personalities!

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