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Ladner Engagement Photography // Megan & Adam

May 24, 2011

Westham Island is a small place that we never knew existed before we ventured out there for Meg and Adam’s engagement session. It’s a farming island located around Ladner, about 45 minutes from downtown Vancouver.

We chose to do their session on the island because in September, they’ll be having their wedding out there. The ceremony will be outside in the fields and their reception in a massive barn. We’re stoked.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. kyle

    Soooo beautiful, I just love the vibe of these!

  2. ayesha

    those sweeping sky shots are just heartbreaking... love this shoot as usual! she is absolutely stunning... beautiful couple, and the light is breathtaking throughout. <3

  3. max

    gorgeous pics! Lovely ambientation, nice location.

  4. joanna

    I adore the landscape and the black and white of the couple (10th row down). beautiful capture of light, this is great. nice job!

  5. Tisha Johnson

    so beautiful, the location is to die for and the couple are sooo cute!! LOVE the lighting!

  6. Kelsey

    Love, love, love these! They are so beautiful and simple and striking. What a gorgeous couple. I can't wait to see pictures from their wedding this fall!

  7. Alyssa Schroeder

    These are awesome. Really love the shadow on the shed! You guys have such a creative eye. What a sweet location.

  8. Paul Rowland


  9. otto

    nice one gents!

  10. Laura Burlton

    I am really digging the simplicity of these. Beautiful.

  11. Girish

    Fantastic photography. Love the little light come through shots. Very nice.

  12. Matt Stanton

    Stunning. I love the vertical lines of the fields they draw me back up the picture before, especially the cropped shot of Megan's head. Great work.

  13. Sarah Der

    OH MY GOSH the dramatic type of beauty seriously increased as I scrolled down, and I looove how I moved in and out of the environment, up close, and then far away, getting intimate and distant and then up close again. Just lovely. Just a lovely couple, too.

  14. Shella

    The second frame takes my breath away!

  15. Anton Chia

    Very nice feel and mood. Romantic in every sense!

  16. Brian Davis

    Stellar work guys. You just keep serving up awesomeness.

  17. ryan flynn

    yes! i was waiting for this one. worth the wait.

  18. Kellee

    Love these!! The light is just perfect & she is stunning

  19. Joshua Gull

    So. Damn. Good.

  20. runa

    Beautiful pics!

  21. Heather

    The lighting here is so perfectly balanced and gorgeous. I adore your work!!

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