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Las Vegas

October 25, 2011

Thought I’d share some of the photos I snapped while on holiday in Las Vegas about a week ago. It was my first, but definitely not the last trip down there.

So if anyone has their wedding in Vegas… 🙂


(For all of you photo enthusiasts, these were shot with the Fuji X100.)

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Melissa Jean

    Love the shot of the card on the ground. That is SO Vegas!

  2. Melissa Jean

    Also.. I'm assuming you meant definitely NOT the last trip down there?

  3. TylerIngram

    You're post says "It was my first, but definitely last trip down there" I assume you mean, not your last trip down there ;) We're heading down there in on the last week of Dec. Looking forward to it as we both have not been to vegas!

  4. Cole & Jakob

    Thanks guys, my bad. Definitely not the last trip to Vegas. /Jakob

  5. Alyda

    Awesome images!! Can't wait to party with you there in feb :)

  6. Leaa Kua

    I only ever love your work more and more.

  7. Caroline

    Every time you post something new, I get butterflies in my stomach. And you never disappoint. Love these.

  8. Elissa

    Love all of the blues in these! I've never been to Vegas before... are y'all heading to WPPI? :)

  9. April

    looks like you had a blast !!! cheers !!

  10. Sam

    Sweet and just another push towards the x100...must resist.

  11. Kellee Walsh

    Great perspective as always guys!

  12. Dustin Hall

    So, did you call the girl in the flyer?

  13. Xanthe

    Hatin' on you guys for being so awesome, as usual. Can't you post a derp every now and then so we mere mortals can feel a little better?

  14. Heather Elizabeth

    Further proof that I need one of those cameras bad. These are wonderful.

  15. Derek

    Beautiful images and looks like a good time!

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