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Lofoten Wedding Photographer // Siri & Seb

March 6, 2023

Lofoten Wedding Photographer

The story how Siri and Sebastian’s wedding came about goes back to 2014, which could be noted as the start of our journey as a Lofoten wedding photographer. NRK (Norway’s national broadcasting network) ran shared Siri and Eric’s Lofoten elopement. It’s a bit of a mystery how that happened, since we don’t typically consider ourselves as a Lofoten wedding photographer.

Luckily for us, Sebastian saw the story and started following Nordica. He’s an excellent photographer himself, so it was cool to have him show personnel interest in our work.

Time moved along, and it was time for Siri and Sebastian to plan their own wedding. So we’re thankful for that story back in 2014, because this wedding was incredible.

We’re lucky to have been to Lofoten many times over the years for weddings and workshops. Never have we experienced an authentic, local wedding there though. Siri and Sebastian are from the area they married, which added an authentic touch to the story.

Lofoten, a hidden gem nestled in Norway’s rugged landscapes, offers an enchanting backdrop for an unforgettable wedding. Picture saying “I do” on the sandy shores of Haukland Beach, surrounded by majestic mountains and the calming embrace of the Arctic Ocean. As a Lofoten wedding photographer, I’ve witnessed the magic of exchanging vows under the Northern Lights dancing above Uttakleiv Beach, creating an ethereal atmosphere for an intimate ceremony. The quaint fishing village of Reine provides a picturesque setting for couples seeking rustic charm and authentic Norwegian culture. Lofoten’s dramatic landscapes, like Kvalvika Beach’s steep cliffs and pristine waters, epitomize raw beauty and adventure. From stunning mountain vistas to picturesque fjords, Lofoten beckons adventurous couples seeking a truly unique and breathtaking wedding experience in the heart of nature’s wonders.

Here it is! An amazing wedding from Nusfjord Arctic Resort in magical Lofoten.

PS – Here’s the NRK story they saw back in the day

By Cole & Jakob  


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