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June 18, 2014
Nordica Photography

A local couple in a previously unvisited destination for us. The perfect combination.


Katia and Darren live in Valletta, Malta and invited us into their world. Malta is a place quite foreign to us, and having no expectations was a great way to view their day with fresh eyes.

Weaving their morning ritual of cappuccinos at sunrise beside the sea into the story of their wedding set the tone nicely. From there, wandering the shores where Darren was raised, walking the streets of Valletta from Katia’s parents home to the church, and partying the night away at Villa Corinthia rounded out what was a truly Maltese story.

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Katia and Darren’s wedding is feature on Classic Bride.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Jon

    Beauty, love Malta

  2. Igor Demba

    Loving this one guys!

  3. susana

    Malta es un lugar impresionante y estar allí para cubrir una boda, todo un privilegio. Bellas fotos.

  4. Katya NOVA

    Such a gorgeous one... I LOVE the sunrise ones! Love you guys! xx

  5. Monika Photo Art

    What a stunning celebration, great job guys!!

  6. Brad

    Wow. What an amazing location. What amazing photography

  7. David Jenkins

    Amazing work guys. So good!

  8. Kristian Leven

    Just beautiful work guys, and I love how you've put the post together - still smashing it.

  9. damian burcher

    Fantastic. Love the silhouettes, especially the one of the bride in the hallway. Also the early B&W on the beach with the people scattered, brilliant. Being from the UK I had to laugh at the one with the old guy at the doorway to the bar, Rotherham V Preston The bar must have been heaving for that!

  10. Courtney

    everything is perfect about this wedding. what a romantic day.

  11. Sarah

    WOW, this one is really special, some of your best work!

  12. Heather E

    Holy crud. This is good. SO freaking good. And I am totally in love with her dress!!

  13. Matt

    Incredible range of photos here. You've summed up the place and the story of their day. Top draw.

  14. dan

    Good lord these are incredible. That staircase shot is absolutely gorgeous. Mind blown.

  15. Mandy

    Holy crap... All of this is amazing. The location, the couple, the photographer, all of these elements made it a truly perfect set of images. Great work Nordica, you continue to inspire.

  16. Mark Pacura

    What can I say guys. Amazing work as always. I really love the street photography part of the story.

  17. Aaron

    (as always) amazing job. You've documented so many moments. Too good

  18. Tom

    We are hitting up malta in November and this make us excited!!

  19. Zosia

    All that Maltese goodness, captured awesomely as always by the Nordicans. Superb stuff guys!

  20. Tomasz Wagner

    You really did wonders with the light there. You're making me want to hit the road/skies again!

  21. Thomas Steibl

    You captured it so perfectly again. And this picture Malta-Wedding-Photographer-0040.jpg is unbelievable!

  22. Patty Lagera

    Malta. Another one to add to the list. You guys make this look so easy! Such marvellous work as always.

  23. Jesús Caballero

    so good story! I love it!!!

  24. Zibi

    great collection as always top class

  25. liam smith

    walking down the stairs together is a stunning shot, awesome collection guys

  26. Verna Pitts

    This is a beautiful collection of images of a stunning bride and groom in a place of outstanding beauty. What a great job!!!

  27. Ottawa Photographer, Black Lamb

    These destination photos are gorgeous. Great work.

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