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News and Notes // 2015 Edition

July 1, 2015

Settle in, this post has a lot going on. News and notes from the world of Nordica.

We do these news posts every now and then. The last one was quite a while ago, so we decided to provide an update about the things going on in our world. Things you may have missed, stuff you might be curious about hearing, and places online our work and ideas have been shared.


We’d be remiss if we didn’t start this update by touching on the conference we’ve started. Way Up North is two days this October in Stockholm, and sold out (500+ people) in a few weeks. From what we have seen – and we’re happy to be corrected if we’re wrong on this – with the size of this event, we don’t know of a larger wedding conference anywhere.

We’ve started a podcast to compliment the event, the presenters coming from around the world are truly inspiring individuals, and we’re very proud of the sponsors we have on board.

Way Up North 2015 is sort of like our second baby, after Nordica. And it’s growing. We have two events organized for 2016 and we will be sharing details about those closer to the fall. But for now, if you’re curious to follow along, Way Up North has a Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram feed.


Photographers have spoken, and we’re listening. Based on the demand we’ve gathered from our workshop waitlists, these are the locations we’re going with for our 2015 workshops. To learn more about the content of the workshops, costs, and all those fun things, click on the workshop below.

November 15th – Rome, Italy

November 17th – Barcelona, Spain

November 19th – Lisbon, Portugal

November 21st – Munich, Germany

November 23rd – Berlin, Germany

November 25th – Oslo, Norway

November 27th – London, England

November 29th – Stockholm, Sweden


This fall we have been invited to two fairly significant events in Sweden.

The first is Stockholmsmässan, which is a photography fair happening November 6 – 8, 2015. At the gathering, we will have mini-presentations in our booth throughout the three days on topics ranging from storytelling to marketing, three presentations on the big stage, as well as interviews with prolific bloggers in Sweden such as RockFotoEmma.

The second is PhotoshopDay which happens on October 22nd in Gothenburg and October 23rd in Stockholm. We’re quite honoured to be sharing the stage with legends such as Anders Petersenand it’s going to be an exciting experience.


Behind the scenes, we have plans to add team members to Nordica. We’re quite excited to share that Åsmund Holien Mo has been photographing weddings under our brand, and will continue to do so throughout 2015. Recently he has been recognized in Norway by NRK (Norway’s government broadcast agency) with the wedding image of the year from the Norwegian photography association, and the sky is the limit with his talent. We’re excited to have him shooting weddings in Hungary, NYC, Finland, Brussels and Sweden throughout this year, and he’s a true talent that fits our brand’s vision perfectly.

There are other photographers who we’re lucky enough to have working under our brand as well, but more about that later. But, for today, send a virtual wave Åsmund’s way.


To finish off, here are a few places Nordica has been mentioned online since we last touched based. Features are such an honour in our industry as the competition is quite heavy, so we thank all the blogs for sharing our work.





By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Sachin Khona

    Incredible the level of work you guys do and the talent you have. All the best brothers!

  2. Kandise Brown

    You GUYS! Stop! (Don't stop.)

  3. Girish

    Great going guys. Way up North is a super initiative. Hope to grow as you've :)

  4. Mark Byron

    Best of luck with it all. Its a great initiative.

  5. Julie Ranawat

    Great site and a great topic as well I really get amazed to read this. It’s really good.

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