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July 31, 2012

Back in January, we kicked off the year with a Nordica Top 5 post and outlined a few things that were going on with us. We’re at the midpoint of the year now, so we felt like doing another “update” post and share a few of things we have going on in our world.


We’re moving to Sweden. That’s the big one. We’re packing up and heading over to Europe. We don’t have a fixed date yet, but most likely we’ll be buying one-way tickets to Sweden in December.

This doesn’t mean we’ll stop doing weddings in Vancouver, or Canada for that matter. We have booked several weddings in Vancouver for 2013 already, and we’ll continue to do so. In essence, it’s more of a slow migration over to Europe as we make Sweden home.

We’re moving for a couple of reasons, but the most obvious ones are that this is Jakob’s – and Cole’s fiancé Therese’s – home. Cole and Therese recently had a baby girl, Embla, and have decided that raising her in Sweden is the best thing for her.

Sweden Wedding Photographer
New Website

You may have noticed that we’ve blogged in slower pace lately. The reason why, apart from the fact that we’re insanely busy at the moment, is that as of very soon we’ll have brand new website. The new site is exactly what we want it to be, and we can’t wait to share it.

Here is a small preview, and if you’re interested in seeing recent content from us while waiting for the website launch, we have been posting quite regularly on the Nordica Facebook page.

Iceland Wedding Photographer


At the beginning of 2012, we started doing two-on-one workshops with photographers, and it has been an awesome experience. People have flown to Vancouver from England and other places, and we’ve really enjoyed the experience. This October, we have about a dozen lined up in Sweden and Finland, and overall we’re very happy with the workshops.

But. With that in mind.

We have something bigger planned for this November. We’re staying a bit quiet about this until we have finalized the dates, but check back within a couple weeks and we’ll spill all the details.


Last April, we went to the Dominican for a wedding. When we landed in Vancouver after the wedding, a guy named Jasser had left a phone message about a wedding photography convention, asking if we would be interested in speaking at the event he was organizing.

We tossed around the idea, and after a bit of deliberation, we said yes. So, next April we’ll be speaking at the Canada Photo Convention. The speaker lineup is insane: Jeff Newsom, Jonas Peterson, Sean Flanigan, Jenny Jimenez, Ryan Brenizer, Fer Juarist, and many others. We’re stoked about being a part of such a killer lineup, and it should be a lot of fun.


Visual Supply Company did a feature a short while ago about team Nordica. We are stoked that they asked such insightful questions, and they have a design crew working for them that can do no wrong with the visuals – they’re awesome.

Nordica Photography

Í Boði Náttúrunnar is a lifestyle magazine in Iceland. They contacted us at the beginning of this year about doing a feature on Doug and Annika’s Iceland wedding, and of course we agreed to this. But in all honesty, we sort of forgot about it and the fact it was actually going to print slipped our minds.

So when Cole was in a grocery store in Iceland a couple of weeks ago and saw the magazine on the shelves, he was just a little surprised to see the wedding in there. It was a small rockstar moment.

Nordica Photography

So, those are a few things shaking down lately with team Nordica.

Check back next week to see our new digs. We have lots to share – weddings in Sweden, France, Italy, Iceland, and Kenya for example – so there should be a lot of action as soon as we get our new site up and running.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. mike

    You guys are keeping busy. Looking forward to the new site.

  2. Paul Krol

    Good luck in Sweden, lads! Its always great to be able to do what you actually Want to do. Keep up the great work and looking forward to seeing some more "Swedish" weddings, for sure!

  3. dylan

    Can't wait to see what the next year has for you guys, best of luck on the move!

  4. Sachin Khona

    We're gonna miss you here in Vancouver guys! But glad the migration is slow! All the best for the future! Sachin

  5. ryan flynn

    you guys are rad, and i'm stoked about all the awesomeness coming your way!

  6. jeff marsh

    nice work dudes

  7. Kate/MagnoliaRouge

    Wow congratulations... so many exciting things going on for you both! You're super talented so it's very well deserved!!

  8. Kyle

    SWEDEN?! Hi. My name is Kyle. I'm a travel addict. And I'm coming to visit.

  9. Izabelle

    Awesome awesome awesome! Bästa av allt är att ni flyttar till Sverige, så jävla grymt!

  10. Emmi-Sabina

    Superskoj killar, ni är grymma!! Ses i Sverige sen då right? :-)

  11. Harri Rauhanummi

    Your new site looks dope! And welcome back, neighbours ;)

  12. Laura power

    Awesome guys! Love keeping up to date with the Nordica story. Your work rocks! Il be heading to Sweden next may for the first time. Can't wait to get a taste of that beautiful light and Swedish air! X

  13. Mike Fiechtner

    congrats! have fun in Sweden! Can't wait to see the new site!

  14. Girish

    Awesome news. Moving to a completely different place is going to be great. Specially looking at the various places you visit for photo sessions around Europe, it's going to be easier. The website looks fantastic. Keep it up.

  15. Michael Wachniak

    Looking forward to crashing on your swedish couch in the future! :) All the best guys, lots of amazing things ahead!

  16. Nessa

    Your new site is going to be absolutely, intensely amazing. I cannot wait. I'm with Kyle -- if I make it to Sweden, I'm going to have to request we hang out. :)

  17. Andre Blais

    Great work guys, best of luck in Europe!!

  18. Zosia

    Such wonderful news guys! The site looks awesome so looking forward to seeing the finished product. Yay for Nordica :)

  19. tim

    Go Plan Europe! Love these Nordica news posts. Good times :)

  20. terri lindholm

    Great work and super to read your moving to sweden! Look forward to meeting you guys here at a workshop, meet, social etc... good luck with the move.

  21. heidi gaines

    I am totally in love with your work. Ballpark what did that kenyan wedding cost for your photos. It is my dream to pull that off.

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