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March 21, 2010

So we’re dipping our hat into some new waters here in the ol’Nordica world: Guest Blogging.

Lately a few wedding sites have asked us to do this and we figured, why not! So you’ll see a bit of our work popping up from time to time on various sites, and this first one is on a very respectable site called Wedding Window.

We wrote our top five tips that engaged couples should think about when selecting their wedding photographer, but for now, will only post an excerpt from the post. If you’d like to read the whole darn thing, click here.

2. Google is your friend

So you’ve met the photographer and concluded that this person is a swell person! Great! Your gut feeling is steering you in the right direction and you feel this is someone who you could build a nice relationship with on your wedding day. Awesome!

Then you Google that person. Uh oh…

Even if you met this person and your ‘first date’ was amazing, it’s worth finding out if someone blogged about the gong show photographer who got smashed and dove into the pool naked (it’s happened, folks!). This is where we encourage you to use the tools that are out there online, which means Google and social networking sites.

If you’re a little bit green with the whole social networking side of the Internet, one great place to start is with Twitter. Find out what the photographers handle is (ours, for example, is @nordicaphoto, and we promise we haven’t jumped naked into a pool) and read through what the person is like. You can learn loads from this one website alone, but there are many, many more out there that can give you the personal information you need.

And have fun with this! Twitter is a wonderful networking site and who knows, maybe you’ll find the photographer of your dreams on there!

So, check out our site again in the near future and we’ll have some more links to more of our work elsewhere.

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By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Neera

    I recently started guest posting, and it's going really good. Thank you for sharing!

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