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January 31, 2012

It’s happy times in Nordica-land. Happy enough that we felt like sharing a bit of what is going on with us. 2012 is still at “tip-of-iceberg” level, but we’re getting revved up for a big year. So, here are five things going on right now in our world.

5. Features.

Green Wedding Shoes recently featured Becky and Ymir’s glacier wedding, Style Me Pretty featured Annika and Doug’s Icelandic countryside wedding, and Junebug Weddings featured Susan and Jag’s Sikh wedding in Vancouver. These wedding blogs are arguably three of the biggest in North America.

A short while ago The National Post, one of Canada’s two largest papers, contacted us out of the blue. They found us in the ocean of photographers across Canada and we were featured in their weekend addition. Flattered. Honoured. Take your pick. It was very cool to see Nordica make it into a national publication. The web version of the interview can be viewed here.

This final “feature” is not really a feature at all, but an example of the weird and wonderful place our work ends up from time to time. About a month ago, we were following our web site’s stats and all of a sudden, it just went crazy. We’re talking a hundred new viewers a minute crazy. And even weirder was that all the viewers were from Poland. It turns out a Polish cartoon character named “WŁÓCZYKIJ” posted a link on its Facebook wall to an Iceland wedding we did, and this resulted in our site crashing from the influx of viewers. Hi, Poland.

4. Workshops.

A couple of months back, we started offering full-day workshops and online consultations. The Interwebs picked up on this.

We have done quite a few Skype chats since we started offering the consultations, and people are coming from all over the world to Vancouver for the day-long two-on-ones. This makes us happy (and humbled) because we really want to share our story and experiences – so we welcome any photographer who wants to see how we roll.

Also, we have added another slice to the service pie: Photography Business Evaluations. You can read about what that means here.

Staying with the workshop theme, we’ve got one more word for you: Fer. Yep, that Fer. He is a world-class Mexican wedding photographer and he’s coming up to Vancouver for a workshop. We’re helping him with the logistics, and apart from Fer’s general awesomeness, we’re also excited about the venue: Our good friend Matt from the Vogue Theatre is allowing us to host the workshop there. You might remember the Vogue engagement session we did there a while back. That’s happening in March. Sexy like iguana.

3. 2012 + 2013.

Our first wedding of the year happened recently in (freezing, Arctic cold) Edmonton, and we’re gearing up for another busy year. A ranch wedding in British Columbia Interior (with this couple), a destination wedding in Dominican Republic, a fall wedding in Finland, and a July wedding in Iceland are some of the weddings we’ll be travelling for. And of course all the local weddings we have lined up. We can’t wait to get this year going.

2013. Yeah, who knew people planned this far ahead? We’ve started booking weddings for 2013 already and we have some exciting things planned for next year. We aren’t going to let the cat out of the bag quite yet, but let’s just say Europe is on the horizon.

2. Social.

We’ve quietly been active all over the web on different websites, but you probably haven’t had those sites easily passed along your way. By design. But, here are a few places where we can be found:

Twitter: (also, @allan_cole and @jakobg)
Google Plus:

Also, it seems the happy pinners of Pinterest have found us. Pin on. (And if you want to follow us on Pinterest, we’re here: Cole, Jakob)

1. Motivated. Happy.

On the personal side of things, we are two happy dudes and we want to thank all the people we’ve networked with online and in person, and also all the couples we’ve worked with throughout 2010 and 2011. We had no idea what to expect when we started Nordica, and to come as far as we have is very cool. But, we couldn’t have done it without all the input and opportunities we’ve received from everyone, so thank you.

We’re massively motivated right now to smash our potential as wedding photographers, and we can’t wait for all the 2012 action.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Brian Davis

    You guys rock. Congratulations on all of your success.

  2. Shari

    You are guys are rad. Looking forward to meeting you at the Fer workshop!

  3. taina

    hello you two. i so wish that the fall wedding you're shooting in finland was mine. oh wait, i'm already married. in any case i'm really liking the sound of that motivation rolling! cheers!

  4. Zosia

    This is because you guys are awesome and deserve all the lovely things happening in Nordica world (and much more I'm sure!) Will be checking the blog daily as always to see what exciting developments lay ahead :)

  5. Masey

    Great post and I can't tell you how happy I am that your continued successes are growing from strength to strength lads. Brilliant stuff!

  6. Javier Abad

    I just want to say one world: Congratulations!!!

  7. ed peers

    Living the dream fellas... you guys are my favourites ;-)

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