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Nordica Workshop // Erin

March 13, 2012

We’ve been focusing a lot on our two-on-one wedding photography workshops lately, the most recent one being with Seattle photographer Erin. A big ‘thank you’ to Stefanie and Christine, also Vancouver photographers, for bringing out your significant others for the photography sessions.

If you are interested in learning more about the full-day workshops with us, email for more information.

Here is what Erin had to say about her time:

1. What are the three most valuable things that you took away from the workshop?

Learning how you two scout your locations for the elements that are important in creating a vision that is consistent with your look.

How to increase my web presence and manage my seo (on my own) using the tools that have worked well for you in your business.

Helping to affirm the vision and direction that I want to move my business toward, by providing suggestions on how to get there and what steps to consider.

2. Were all of your goals/expectations met with the workshop?

Yes. We packed a lot in to our day, and everything moved quite quickly. But I’m happy to have received as much information and direction as I did and didn’t leave feeling like we had missed anything.

3. Was there anything that surprised you about the workshop that you didn’t see coming when you signed up?

Yeah, You guys drink a LOT of coffee.

Seriously, The two of you were humble and real. I felt like I was hanging out with two friends.

4. Do you have any suggestions for improvements for our future workshops?

I loved that I was your one and only student. Having the ability to ask questions at any time and have your full attention was refreshing compared to workshops that i had done in the past. Don’t change this!! Having the undivided attention of not one, but two of you was perfect.

5. What would you say to another photographer who was considering a workshop with Nordica based on your experience?

I put off contacting Cole and Jakob since I first came across their work in Sept of 2011, after attending a wedding that they photographed. I instantly fell in love with their work and wanted to know what made them tick, and what made their work so special. I must have started and deleted my email to them a half a dozen times. I felt like I was really making myself vulnerable, but once i received an email back from them I could see how down to earth they really were.

As far as the actual workshopping,  the entire day flowed really well, and I felt like there was just the right amount of time spent addressing everything that I wanted to; from scouting, to shooting, and plenty of time for discussion. What was so great about this workshop in particular is that the guys created an itinerary tailored specific to my needs and questions that I had about my business. I can say that I’ve wasted money on workshops in the past, but feel like I got good value for my money here.  In short, these guys are here to help you and were open about everything they do that has made them so successful. I feel like they’ve equipped me an arsenal of tools to take my business to the next level. Throw your fears aside and call them.

Vancouver Skylinewedding photography workshop

And a few of us working it.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Rik Pennington

    Brings it all back, I wanna do it again! Awesome.

  2. John

    This post sealed the deal. I'll definitely do this workshop at some point.

  3. mike

    You'd better believe we're saving up for the shop. You guys are at the top of your game.

  4. christine

    truly works of art. it was such a pleasure being your couple, you guys are amazing at what you do!

  5. Sachin Khona

    Rad-iculous as usual fellas ..

  6. Jesse Pafundi

    Dig these posts. Very cool to get an inside perspective.

  7. s h e r r y

    These are awesome! Christine & Stefanie are wonderful, yay!

  8. Nick

    Fantastic images. And I love your unique approach to workshops.

  9. Erin Lassahn

    I LOVE the alley shot of the woman mysterious!

  10. Matt Ferrell

    Nice work! Love your low light shots are amazing

  11. Albert Palmer

    Delicate use of light fellas. Quality.

  12. Heather

    These photos are GORGEOUS!!

  13. michelle

    love. the first couple are definitely my favourite.

  14. Bek

    Unbelievable shots as usual! Nice perspective...really nice :)

  15. caroline

    yeah, you guys are pretty dang amazing. love the graffiti wall shot.

  16. Stephen Rotondo

    Amazing use of light as always, I love your images, always... UK Workshop?!

  17. Alex

    Like the skyline shots! :-)

  18. Deidra Wilson

    What a gorgeous couple and gorgeous shots, I am digging your post work, especially on the black & whites.

  19. Sara

    Stunning work as usual! Workshop sounds pretty tempting right now...

  20. Johanna

    Can. Not. Wait. :)

  21. Jakub

    Great work lads!

  22. Priya Patel

    Great light and lines! I really love your work.

  23. Stefan Hellberg

    wow, would have been great to be there. Some day I hope to be able to join you guys for a session. /Stefan

  24. PJ Photos

    I envy you Erin ;)

  25. Brian Davis

    Awesome work guys. Really like the emotion behind 018.

  26. Fotopromedia

    Good job guys...Keep it up!

  27. Derek

    So amazing!! Compositions and lighting are perfect.

  28. Max

    That pics of the wall with the boxes is insane location spotting

  29. Bruno Talledo

    gorgeous shots!!

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