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Nordica Year One

December 4, 2010

Nordica Photography (aka Cole and Jakob’s baby) officially made it through it’s first wedding season and as of next week, Jakob will be venturing off to Finland for the holidays and Cole will be en route to Sweden.

There’s one wedding in Mexico before that, but essentially until mid-January, we’ll be on holidays.

With that in mind, we picked our favourite images of the year. The pictures selected could be because we thought they were awesome pictures or they could have sentimental meaning to us personally. But these are the standouts after year one.

Cole’s Picks

Jakob’s Picks

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. april

    nice !!!

  2. Karen L. Barnes

    These are gorgeous! I love your use of light and movement.

  3. ayesha

    man... what an amazing year! i hope you guys are proud as you look through these... this selection really highlights your incredible talents with mastering light and unique compositions, and of course capturing incredible moments. beautiful to look through!

  4. Lisa Novakowski

    Yep, pretty awesome pics. They all have a timeless feel to them. You have had a pretty amazing first year, congrats on a job really really well done!

  5. Nick Coyne

    Fantastic work! The cow image is an absolute classic!

  6. alex

    always so great- love this post

  7. Andreas Holm

    Beautiful! Love the cow-shot! : )

  8. Sarah Der

    ohhh myyyy goooosh. How can I even comment? I mean, they are all so timeless and epic. I agree with Ayesha--masters of light and unique compositions. :) Also, I really laughed at the cow picture. REALLY laughed.

  9. shipra

    seriously when I look through your blog, I always feel like I'm at an art exhibit. I would put several of these on my wall! The copulating cows??... can I get a postcard please!

  10. Paul Alexander

    What a cracking set, the cow shot is great as is the brides reaction. Love the bridal portrait and the B&W conversions are very nice indeed, so many to choose from :-)

  11. Cole & Jakob

    @Shipra - What's your address? // Cole

  12. Daniel

    A great year of photos. Well done!

  13. nadine austin

    wow. stunning. And the cow picture made me laugh out loud!

  14. Julian Beattie

    Epic. Awesome. Cool. Amazing work, guys.

  15. Leo Druker

    Simply amazing. Congratulations on what must have been an exciting year. Looking at the photos (and especially the shot of the bride walking alone in the field), I can't wait to see what you're going to show us next year.

  16. Mark

    Your compositions are outstanding..... Looking at this post is like flicking through art magazine. Amazing work!

  17. Joe

    Shot of them kissing on the beach is my absolute favorite! All together gorgeous work!

  18. Girish

    I have been a commenting on your posts since long. From portraits to big time weddings. It's superb. Your growth is so fantastic. Very inspiring. I am to get my DSLR soon that yours is on big blog I am always going to refer to. Superb stuff guys. Well done and a enjoy your holidays. Have fun.

  19. Becca Dilley

    I always love the subtle color your images have, but I am especially drawn to that photo of them kissing on the beach. Lovely work.

  20. Dennis Pike

    Looks like you had quite the year, so many gorgeous photographs, such perfect composition, couldn't choose a favorite if I had to.

  21. tobiah tayo

    EPIC!!! That is the ONLY way to describe these photographs. Love the eye you have.

  22. Rhys

    You guys are tops. Congrats on a killer first year.

  23. Kat Forsyth

    Oh faaaab! I love "favourite of the year" posts; it's so great to see everyone's picks. For me, the cows doing the nasty behind the bride and groom is just priceless!

  24. leah

    Seriously gorgeous work!

  25. Heather

    SO much goodness. I can't wait to see what you do next year!

  26. Ariane C

    Happy one year to you both! Hope you'll recharge batteries a la Scandinavia and looking forward to working with you guys next year (first I'll need to book I suppose) :-)

  27. Adam Houseman

    Best groomsman shot ever. Just sayin. Well done.

  28. Nirav

    You guys rock my world. Congrats on one year of awesomeness. Stoked to see what's to come. Much love.

  29. Tiffanie

    Gorgeous work. I especially love the bike jump shot, but they're all amazing!

  30. Geoff

    Looks like an amazing year, great work!

  31. Sam Le

    Dude, you work is to die for. I loved the cow one!

  32. Caroline

    So many awesome photos here, best wishes for 2011! ;)

  33. Ariana

    Absolutely gorgeous. Wow!

  34. Shelley

    Looks like you had an amazing first year! All the best for 2011:)

  35. Alex Lee Behan

    These are breath taking! The artistry and your ability to capture a gorgeous moment in time... it's priceless. Happy Anniversary!!

  36. Sara

    So amazing!...those pics are so them ;)

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