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Okanagan Wedding Photographer // Shareen & Lee

March 25, 2013

A bygone era of pure class.


Records and garden parties sought with impeccable taste. Stories to share about shaking hands with the person who handemade their shoes to fit, or the woman in who custom made their piñatas. Knowing the perfect hat and going out to find it for a wedding.

Yes, Shareen and Lee are a rare breed. The type of people who have a sense of timeless class that isn’t common. They probably have fantastic handwriting, but we didn’t get to know them that well to find out.

Their wedding was a special treat that we savoured from the morning when Shareen started getting ready in Penticton into the evening dancing at Linden Gardens, where Lee was spinning most of the records. The entire day was a meticulous, and at times it felt like we stumbled upon a ritzy garden party in the 1920s.

Weddings like this get us excited. They’re one of a kind indeed.

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Shareen and Lee’s wedding was featured on Junebug Weddings, Post Photo (Russian) and Ruffles & Cake.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. dana

    gorgeous, as always. can't wait for september !

  2. Stefan Hellberg

    This one is special guys, amazing...

  3. Dale Lempa

    Too cool. Awesome style, and great work capturing it. Must be a cool wedding where little boys can take their shirts off and run around with goblin masks. The portraits with backlight are fantastic.

  4. Nicola Thompson

    wow, beautiful wedding guys. x

  5. Elissa

    Complete and utter gorgeousness. LOVE lovelovelovelove!!! It's like I'm there!

  6. Brandon Smith

    Those backlit portraits are incredible. Those boys are hilarious. Also, the portraits over the water with the globe lights just before the piñata shots are stunning! I love it when a couple cares about the way their wedding looks. Makes such a difference.

  7. OscarRuizTome

    Como siempre, espectacular y perfecto. Seguir así.

  8. Annemari Ruthven

    Oh my goodness, what and incredible wedding and photos. Just love it!

  9. André Nordblom

    Great guys, truly awesome!

  10. Jon S6

    this looks awesome!

  11. Girish

    Great pictures. Keep up the good work.

  12. Michael Glenn

    Man, the bride + groom were stylin! What an amazing session - the locations, lighting, moments, vibe, etc. Nailed it.

  13. Mathias Cederholm

    Croquet must be the perfect wedding game! Awesome wedding and well done!

  14. Karina

    whooa... this one is just perfect!!!

  15. Bröllopsfotograf Göteborg - Mattias

    Lovely as always when it comes to you guys! We might meet again, if you're having a new workshop in Sweden next year!

  16. Albert Palmer

    Aw wow this wedding is all kinds of fun. Beautiful B&G portraits... although frankly guys, I was a little disappointed not see more photos of the trombone player ;o)

  17. shari

    Absolutely freakin' brilliant.

  18. Eric Ronald

    Oh man. You guys are constant source of inspiration. The portraits with the beautiful soft light are gold.

  19. Bec

    Stunning! What an incredible wedding :)

  20. Carla Bonnet

    Amazing. As always.

  21. John Charlton

    Beautiful images and a great wedding story captured so well!

  22. Chris Bunce

    Simply wow! You can really see the emotion in your photos! Looks a fantastic day! Beautiful landscape shots as well!

  23. Kristian Leven

    Very, very cool.

  24. Taylor

    Love the end of the night shots, you finished the story wonderfully.

  25. alexbee

    holy hell. please take it as a great compliment that you make every wedding look like the most fun wedding on the planet!

  26. Andy Gaines

    Very nice gents! But then, I would expect nothing less :-)

  27. Dennis Pike

    Wow, nail on the head, guys! I was really enjoying this set... then I got to those portraits in the field and my jaw dropped. Incredible!

  28. Luis Godinez

    This wedding is full of win. C'mon, pinatas! So fly.

  29. Rima

    UGH!! You had me at the opening image...what a view. What a totally awesomely stylish couple?! Not jealous at all!And your end pic..ok blew me away

  30. Nathan Gilmer

    As always your guys portraits are out of this world beautiful. The reception looks like a blast too. Overall amazing work men.

  31. Darin Collison

    Freaking good. Love it. Looks like a simply beautiful, fun, loving wedding day.

  32. kong wai

    Awesome !! Beautiful natural light

  33. Jouni

    Well.. what can I say.. you did it again. 10 points to Gryffindorf.

  34. Kim

    Ahh! Love the pinata heads. :) Seems like everything about this wedding was perfect!

  35. sully

    Geez guys, really loved this one. Fantastic broad coverage. Looking forward to hearing you speak at CPC

  36. nadine

    redonkulously good.

  37. GM Studio

    Grreat pictures, i really like bothe the BW and the colors ones and i really like how you mastered the lighting effects in some of them.

  38. Dominique

    Oh gosh, this is so beautiful. Stunning guys, you have done it again. :)

  39. Ashley

    Really beautiful work - great portraits!!

  40. mathias

    not everyone coulda pulled off this look. awesome stuff!

  41. Katya Nova


  42. Valentina Weddings

    Fantastic coverage and a good mix of black and white and colour. Keep the good work up!

  43. Rik Pennington

    Consistently awesome.

  44. Ken Tan

    Just happened to bump into your site! Amazing work guys!

  45. Derek

    Gorgeous wedding! Love all the emotions you captured and your portraits are amazing!

  46. Sandra

    Here I've got to say the kid monsters are a smack in the face favourite. So many delights, also think you've captured the head table so perfectly, you really get a sense of how it felt to be there by simply casting a glance at this shot!

  47. Chris

    These photos are spectacular - looks like an amazing wedding, and you have captured it perfectly.

  48. Cam Grove

    Gorgeous wedding - gotta love the Okanagan in Spring!

  49. Eva

    Great pictures, I wish I saw your work sooner. Too bad I can't get my deposit back. I will have to call you for family portraits.

  50. Ashley Davenport

    Great images guys - this is top class!

  51. Tom Butler

    Stunning!!! Love your work

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