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Oslo Wedding Photographer // Madde & Björn

June 7, 2011


Madde and Björn are from Oslo, Norway.

They were recently engaged and we had the chance to do an unexpected engagement session during Madde’s sisters wedding in Halmstad.

It wasn’t planned beforehand, but during the wedding we had five minutes to spare so we thought, why not.

Madde and Björn will be getting married in Oslo at some point or another, and when they do, fingers crossed / thumbs held that we’ll be there for it.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. jennyk

    Nice! and hope I'm in oslo during the same as you hopefully get to shoot the wedding!

  2. Kellee

    Perfect time of day to have a spare five minutes. Lovely light!

  3. john

    sweet set guys!

  4. lena

    Så söta såå... saknar er..

  5. Leena Andersson-Varvari

    Akkurat, vad ni é góa... Kram fra Moster Yster;)

  6. Matt

    Beautiful photos, lovely with the sun in the background. Even more impressive considering it was spur of the moment

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