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October 1, 2012

“Why do we have a Facebook page”?


That’s a question we’ve asked ourselves over and over again.

For as long as our website has been up, we’ve had a Facebook page. Mainly because, well, you’re supposed to have a page. But for a long time, our page was just sitting around, collecting dust. We didn’t know what to do with it.

Since early 2010, we’ve blogged quite frequently. About 450 posts in total, which over a period of less than three years means some 3-4 posts every week. But, as you’ve probably noticed, we’ve slowed down the pace lately. Not because we have less stuff to talk about or show, but because the interweb has changed, and with it, so have we.

Over the past six months Facebook has become our “micro-blogging” site. A place where we talk about the little things; things too small for a blog post, but still worth sharing.

Like a cool picture, a travel update from a shady hotel room or an inside story from a workshop.

So, “Why do we have a Facebook page?”

To welcome you more into the personal side of our business and share content that you won’t see elsewhere.

Kate & Andy

Amber& Bryan

Thomas & Melissa

Jenna & Gordon


Karen & Sean

Evan & Celeste


Lisa & Ryan

Bonnie & Jay

Cool dude

Caroline & Ben

Karlee & Justin

Hanh & John

Kate & Andy

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Brigitte Grenfeldt

    Those are a-ma-zing images! Don't stop blogging, facebook ist fun but your stuff is too good for not sharing it here.

  2. tobiah

    Absolutely inspirational in every sense of the word. Thank you

  3. Leah Muse

    You guys are so good at what you do. Facebook, blogging, picture taking, the world.

  4. Shyann

    insert longing sigh here.... so beautiful.

  5. Janet

    You guys are seriously amazing... beautiful work as always

  6. ed peers

    Epic fellas. Keep dishing out the goodness...

  7. Sam

    haha, what shyann said. Amazing images. loving the red shoes one! it doesn't really matter where or how you guys post your work and thoughts, they're still incredible and i'll still want to see and read them.

  8. Thomas Lester

    Good post and even better images. I always enjoy your amazing work.

  9. Natalie

    Your work is truly breathtaking. Wow. You are so good... so, so good.

  10. Steve Koo

    So good, guys. Always a pleasure to look through your blog.

  11. Heather Elizabeth

    You guys are so good it hurts.

  12. Tyler


  13. caroline

    Good God. That "Mandy" photo just blows my mind.

  14. Mike C

    Holy crap, you guys are good. That portrait of Mandy is so rad.

  15. Alexander

    Best greetings from Russia! Guys,you are awesome. Incredible work. Amazing. I just don't know what to say.

  16. Andre

    Love your images so much guys! Keep sharing PLEASE!!

  17. Samira

    I can't believe all the cool light work! it's stunning!

  18. mike

    It's the truth. And I love it.

  19. Natalie Champa Jennings

    That Jenna & Gordon shot really got me. What a wonderful feel & image!

  20. Tomasz Wagner

    As always, nice work chaps!

  21. David

    Such stunning images guys. I particularly like the shots of the bride kicking off her shoe and the effect of a photographic print that you've applied to a couple of images.

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