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Pick of the week // Six

April 17, 2011

Cole and I try to use as much natural light as possible with our photography. Just because we prefer daylight over artificial light. But at dark receptions, using flashes is almost always unavoidable.

So we figured we might as well try to have some fun with it.

We played around a little with the flash during the reception at last weekend’s wedding in Whistler, and came up with this somewhat different first dance photo. It’s all done in camera, and I think it turned out pretty cool.

We did get more ‘safe’ shots too, by the way. Experimenting with the first dance is probably not the best idea, unless you already know you’ve got what you need.


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By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Brian Davis

    Awesome creativity. This is so unique, I love it.

  2. melia

    pretty awesome flash, that!

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