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Port Moody Photography // Kelly & Chloe

August 19, 2010

This isn’t something we do everyday.

Kelly is a lovely person who lives in Port Moody, and is the proud owner of an insanely cute dog named Chloe. She asked us to take a few pictures of them together, which we gladly obliged to.

Having done so many weddings and couples shoots lately, it was fun to do something a little bit different. And this certainly was.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. lydia gross

    o m g .. this post is soo adorable! I loooove that you photographed doggies! I have followed this blog for a while and this might be my fav post! just adorable!

  2. Kim Mendoza

    so precious! cute puppy and beautiful owner. You have captured them beautifully. Great Set thanks for sharing.

  3. Kelly Lee

    I think more people should have pics of them and their dog! Great job!

  4. Sam Obeid

    Ah so very cute and pretty! Well done!

  5. seth

    That is a super cute puppy! I really like the set of puppy in front the blue background the best.

  6. Dariusz Czepiel

    LOL, that sure is cute :) I totally love the one with the puppy on blue backgroud - those faces are priceless ! :)

  7. Thomas Lester

    What a cutie! Great job.... I know photographing dogs can be a real challenge. Especially at those shallow depths of field. You nailed it!

  8. Darko Sikman

    Amazing as always! Great job!

  9. Amish

    Love the ones with the blue background!

  10. Ariana

    Oh my goodness sooo cute! LooooooOOOOOoooove the bokeh in the last shot!

  11. Girish

    Very nice shoot. Nice dog I must say. Good to see some dog portraits ;)

  12. Heather

    Haha, that last one in the blue background set just cracks me up XD Well done!

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