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December 13, 2009

Alex Lee Behan is a Public Relations guru, a mother (whose wee one has a Twitter account – love it!), a marketing-wiz, and an all-around lovely lady. She was looking to jazz up her already lovely headshots so we meandered around Granville Island on a chilly morning and gotter’ done.

Alex is sister-in-laws with another lovely lady – Janis – whom we took picture of at the same time. So, two camera fella’s and two beautiful models! It was fun!

So, these are the results from the shoot and we feel it’s safe to say that Alex could easily make a career change and get into modeling if she chose to do so!

Thanks a million for the fun morning Alex and hopefully we can do this again sometime in the new year!


By Cole & Jakob  

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  2. Alex Lee Behan

    I had a blast too. Quite evident in the shots, non? Thanks for making my day with this blog post too. You guys are the best. We'll be doing lots of business together!

  3. Nordica

    Cool Alex we're looking for to it! Another reason 2010 is going to be a rad year! We think the pictures made it evident too :) We love them!

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