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Pre-Wedding Photos in East Vancouver

June 9, 2010

East Vancouver is awesome.

Krista and Tyler live knee deep in the bowels of it, and it’s people like them who make the area so wicked.

When we were doing some pre-wedding photos (we dropped the ‘engagement session’ title for this one because we were just messing around), we saw this old banged up Volvo behind the house, and thought it would be good for a few pictures.

Turns out these two have a buddy who not only got a job with the Ottawa Senators by contacting the President over Facebook (no joke), but he traded a bottle of wine for this car (no joke either).

That’s the kind of awesomeness you’ll only find in the depths of East Vancouver.

We’re really looking forward to doing this wedding in a few weeks partly because this is one cool couple, and partly because East Van characters are sure to bring the heat and turn an ordinary wedding into a stupefying event.

By Cole & Jakob  


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