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April 18, 2012

If you work in the wedding industry, it’s likely that you’ve heard of Katya Nova. Katya is a Punta Cana wedding photographer who works with her newlywed husband Rob, and the two are the kind of people who inhale you with their charisma.

Katya and Rob had a morning sunrise ceremony along the beach in the Dominican Republic, and it’s safe to say that it left everyone who attended stunned by the experience.

We’re looking forward to posting more from this wedding. It was an intense destination wedding that left us inspired in a lot of ways.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Sonia Jansson


  2. kristi wright

    Rad. As usual.

  3. Kim

    When I saw the first fire-thrower photo I was like, "Oh, wow! That's pretty awesome." When I saw the next fire-BREATHER photo my jaw just dropped and I said "WHAT." All of these are so beautiful. I can't wait to see the rest!

  4. Jolyn @ Wander Love Destination Weddings

    You did a beautiful job of capturing a beautiful couple! It looks like Katya & Rob had a great day, and it looks like their guests had quite the experience too! I was so happy to help their group with their travel arrangements. Can't wait to see more! Congrats again K&R!!

  5. gabe aceves

    damn dudes. this looks amazing.

  6. ryan

    i don't know what's happening in that 2nd to last shot, but i like it.

  7. dan

    fire breather is indeed awesome, this set pretty much blew me away from top to bottom.

  8. kenny

    It looks like an awesome wedding. I suppose licking the flash is one way to cool it down.

  9. Amber Wilkie

    Gorgeous work. And that fire dancer - wow!!

  10. Jakub Majewski

    Guys, your work is a fairy tale. Beautiful photos! Awesome story!

  11. Heather

    Really neat wedding!!

  12. Elissa

    You guys always rock it outttttttttttttt.

  13. angela hubbard

    more more more. Katya, you look gorgeous! x

  14. Amber Hughes

    So awesome - I love Katya and Rob as it is, so it's an easy wedding to adore. I especially love the kiss and the portraits of Katya. Just fantastic <3

  15. mike

    Gorgeous, and warm. That stands out with this shoot.

  16. Edric

    WOOOW! When I clicked thru I didn't now that I was gonna be served a platter of visual awesomeness. Really well done!

  17. Nirav

    Damn! It's going to be a good one :). Can't wait to see it guys!

  18. Tenielle

    Ridiculous. 21 hours, not only are you in peak physical form, but these photos are beyond ridiculous friends.

  19. Brad

    Fire!! Awesome! I love the shadows on the porch. Congrats guys.

  20. tim coulson

    umm. holy cow.

  21. Emma Jane

    Lovely work, stunning scenery and I love the parrot image!

  22. Brian Furbush

    It is insane how good these are, good lord.

  23. Lauren

    Oh dear, you guys just keep raising that bar! Cant wait to see the rest!!

  24. James

    Jeez this is shit hot! I love the shot of the photographer and her camera being in one of the guest mouth! Very funny!

  25. tobiah

    these images are style & class epitomised - so beautiful - an inspiration - what a beautiful wedding

  26. Nessa K

    There really aren't words for how beautiful these are. Every. Single. One. The anticipation is going to kill. :)

  27. Alyssa Schroeder

    How did I miss this til now? I'm dying to see more. Awesome work! Love the one of them in front of the door with the sweet lighting.

  28. Sachin Khona

    You guys are nuts! Beautiful images .. can't wait to see whats to come.. something more nutty I imagine... Katya, you look absolutely stunning! Congrats to you and Rob!!

  29. Brian Davis

    Pardon my french, but holy shit these are awesome.

  30. Agnes

    this is soooooooooo good.

  31. ed peers

    Pure magic.

  32. fotografia ślubna wrocław

    Absolutely amazing!

  33. Douglas Pettway

    Wow. Beautiful photos and what can beat fire-eaters?!?! nothing, that's what! :)

  34. sydney wedding photographer

    Love the rear sync images! Very nice.

  35. Julianna Rennard

    Very lovely as always. Please post the rest!

  36. Derek Martinez

    These are amazing, everyone of them!!

  37. Stephen Walker

    I love looking back at wedding photography from at least 8 years ago. Times change as do trends, people, inspiration and ideas. I don't like to see what everyone else is doing "now" its great to see what was so great about "back then". these images are awesome.

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