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February 3, 2010

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. What a dolly eh?

We got in touch with one another last week and agreed to meet up for a fun photo session together. The Goal: Solid looking, fun and professional looking pictures. Nothing more, nothing less.

So this was a great opportunity to just go out one morning and have fun doing photography, which is really what it’s all about eh! Rachel had never modeled before, never had a photo shoot like this before, and was new to the whole ‘being in front of the camera’ thing. But, she’s a beauty and was a spot on natural.

So, here’s the first batch of pictures. The second batch will be up a bit later.

Thanks for the fun morning Rachel and lets do it again someday!

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By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Masey

    Fantastic shots as per usual fellas. Particularly love the shot with the construction guys - a great moment.

  2. Nordica

    @Masey - Those construction guys were comedy eh? Just sort of jumped into the mix when they saw her. That's the beauty of doing this type of photography though we think - the spontaneity!

  3. Girish

    Fantastic photographs. Great outdoors and backgrounds. The treatment to the photos are superbly done. Love the photographs in both the parts. Great inspirations for learners. :)

  4. april

    construction workers ... great fun shot ! and her looking opposite way from red wall with big grin...

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