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July 20, 2011

“Meet us at 9.30PM in front of Hallgrímskirkja. Show up and we’ll take care of everything from there.”

That was how we planned to meet them for the first time. We had heard their voice over Skype, friended them on Facebook, and exchanged a lot of emails, but meeting the couple who’s wedding we’d photograph a few days later for the first time this way – in Iceland a few days before their wedding – was…different.

So, they arrived on time and we got right at it. Their engagement session in Reykjavik.

The plan was straightforward, and we had read the Reykjavik Grapevine enough times to know the route we would do. Starting at Hallgrímskirkja, we would weave our way down Laugavegur and finish by the bay in front of the Solfar Viking Ship. Simple.

After finishing the session, we were fully aware of how lucky we were to be there. It was an awesome feeling to be in Iceland alone, but to be working there was just silly.

And we had been reminded that day of just how awesome it was.

A few hours earlier while checking into our hotel in downtown Reykjavik, a married couple from Montreal were shocked that wedding photographers from Vancouver were hired by an American couple to come to Iceland.

“That’s incredible. Do you have any idea how lucky you are?”

Before the session, we got some Skyr and water from a store and chatted briefly with the store worker. After explaining to the Icelander why we were there, the reaction from the worker was the same as from the Montreal couple.

“That’s incredible. All this way for a wedding?”

From when we left Vancouver until we returned home again, the reaction we consistently received from people who we shared our story with was always the same: Incredible.

So there we were in downtown Reykjavik, having just finished taking pictures. It was around 11PM and we were standing in front of the harbour, and miles away the sun was blazing over the mountains on the other side of the massive bay. The couple was absolutely beaming, and hadn’t stopped since we met them a short while earlier. They were genuinely happy like nobody we’d ever seen.

It all felt incredible.


By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. michele bowman

    i love everything about these photos!! the location, the light, and everything else. such a great job!!

  2. Rhys

    Absolutely spectacular.

  3. Avelaine Scyrup

    Incredible is right!

  4. Kelly Stonelake

    Beautiful! So incredible to see the work of photographers I admire, of close friends! Congrats to Doug and Annika and excellent work to Cole and Jakob!

  5. Heather

    SUPER cute session! LOVE IT.

  6. Kyle

    Simply bitchin'... like usual.

  7. Dennis Pike

    Wonderful work and great locations, that first image is breathtaking.

  8. KB

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Steve Koo

    These are fantastic - I think the first shot is my favorite!

  10. joanna

    amaaaaazing! these are so beautiful. love that light.

  11. tim coulson

    you got to shoot with kristin stewart and her fiance in iceland? seriously, mental images. loved them.

  12. Sachin

    Awesome story fellas! BIG!

  13. Caroline Ghetes

    Killed it. Like seriously dudes. Lovin' the colors, tones, mood, location, pretty much every thing about it. Mind blown.

  14. Amber Hughes

    Awesome work guys - I love the use of light and locations in these. I especially have a crush on that tie wall. So awesome!

  15. alexbee

    always amazed with how you see light! these two are super cute together. he reminds me a bit of prince william :)

  16. Natalie Champa Jennings

    These are gorgeous. I really like the variety. Lovely, as always!

  17. Girish

    This is beautiful. What amazing light that. Great background. Well done overall.

  18. Paweł Słowik

    really great e session I've been in Iceland this spring for two weeks, great and beautiful country

  19. Blips Photo

    I am in love with these pictures!Beautiful, just really beautiful!

  20. Raúl P. Pellicer

    Beautiful. Congratulations!!

  21. Albert Palmer

    Wow wow wow wow wow. You guys.

  22. Leah Muse

    Incredible. You guys are incredible.

  23. Leo Druker

    Awesome work guys. Way to capture both the personalities of the couple, but also of Iceland & Reykjavik.

  24. April

    love the sun beam ones at the beginning ...the couple face to face

  25. Tall

    Your locations are just bonkers. So amazing. Great set as always!

  26. Nessa K

    I want to see light the way you do.

  27. matthew morgan

    beautiful work!

  28. Ieva


  29. Ericha

    Wow! That light is FANTASTIC! As is the opportunity to travel to Iceland!

  30. Dorset Wedding Photographer

    Unbelievable setting - absolutely breathtaking! Great couple and such striking compositions - just love em.

  31. Johanna

    Love the light and the way you've used the locations/buildings. Beautiful. Again.

  32. Ryan Chan

    Absolutely beautiful! Such a great set of the couple as well as the gorgeous Icelandic backdrop.

  33. Wedding photography kent

    These are truly beautiful photos.

  34. Lucas

    wow guys these are so amazing really cool scenery and buildings!

  35. Fotograf Ślubny Łódź

    Spectacularrrrr. Really great e session

  36. Refleksyjni

    Great Job!

  37. Fotograf na wesele Białystok

    Perfect match couple. Great photographs. Love it.!!!!

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