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Richmond Engagement Photography // Jen & Scott

April 14, 2011

A Whistler wedding had been on our bucket list since we started Nordica. A wintery wedding would have been the ideal situation, and as luck would have it, things fell into place.

Jen and Scott live in Australia and had planned a destination wedding in Whistler because they wanted their family and friends to be able to ski. Pretty sweet, eh? So, they Googled their hearts out, found us, and the stars aligned so we be there for their wedding in Whistler.

Before the wedding, and actually the first time we met, was for our engagement session in Richmond. We stuck them in strange circular pipes, which could be an odd thing to ask someone you only met 45 minutes earlier. But, these two were all game.

Their wedding from Whistler will have its time on the blog in a bit…

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. dustin

    your work blows my mind

  2. Brad Ross

    If I could curse here I would say this is just F'in Amazing. :)

  3. Nick Coyne

    Lovely stuff, guys. So many awesome shots.

  4. brooke

    love, love the one in the misty fog. gorgeous!

  5. Kat Braman

    so many incredible shots I can't even begin to pick a favorite.

  6. Caroline Ghetes

    Wow this session is insane. LOVE the two b&w square portraits, and especially the silhouette of the two of them at the end of the tunnel. Amazing!

  7. Blake Burton

    epic stuff guys

  8. Kristi Wright

    You're kidding me? These are fantastic. I'd love to say that one is my favorite but I stopped keeping track about half way through. I do love your black and whites. So much passion captured here. Loved it!

  9. Porter Watkins

    umm...i dont even know if i need to say it. but seriously, that tunnel vision "bond" shot is unreal. awesome work!

  10. lynn

    These are proof that an overcast day is not a detriment when you have a great photographer. Awesome series of images, I love the edginess of your work. Well done!

  11. fran chelico

    just beautiful!!

  12. Amber Hughes

    These are awesome guys! Love the feeling in the field shots, the framing of the pipe shots and the passion in their kisses. :)

  13. Andria Lindquist

    whoa, that KISS. hot hot hot.

  14. todd hunter mcgaw

    circular pipes = RAD!

  15. stacey kinkaid

    your work is so inspiring...I'm sure I've said it before...but it truly is. beautiful couple too.

  16. Shyann

    Awesooooooooome! Love the one in the fog.. and the one in the pipes! :) Badass as usual!

  17. geneoh

    Awesome session! Crouched kissing pipe shot is killer.

  18. Heather J.

    I swear, you guys kill it every time. Her eyes are really incredible and I especially love the tube shots.

  19. Laura Burlton

    Sigh. These are art.

  20. ALMA

    Killed it big time! Awesome frames mate!

  21. Mark Quade

    The pipes shot is the BOMB!! Great work guys

  22. Daniel

    Great session! Love Richmond locations!

  23. Trey Petty

    Really like your black and whites and the leather outfit last is pretty sick!

  24. Tee

    sooo amazing.. sooo inspiring, thank you for making me want to be better!

  25. Sachin

    Beautiful close ups, editing and moments you've captured here.. love the 3rd to last images especially..

  26. Heather

    SUCH an adorable couple!! I adore the use of the surroundings here... especially the shot from far down the metal tunnel. Fabulous work!

  27. Alex Singh

    Gorgeous. The one of them in the fog is perfect.

  28. Ulmer Studios

    Love the second b/w photo! She as some killer eyes!

  29. Tyler

    w.t.f. @ first shot. lol ridiculously good

  30. matthew morgan

    rad session. totally killed it.

  31. tim coulson

    black and whites are completely mental. love them.

  32. alyda

    amazing session!!! love them all, especially the ones in and around the big pipes - so cool!

  33. Jared Tseng

    I kind of feel like "epic" is the right word.

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