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Lauren & Stacey

May 25, 2012
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Lauren and Stacey – two top ladies with a viciously refreshing sense of humour between them – are from Melbourne, Australia and flew a very long way to Vancouver to get married. And it wasn’t just them: Both of their families, along with many friends, came as well. If you put this in perspective, it’s difficult to find longer trips on earth to travel for a wedding.

Vancouver is a world-class city and we’re happy they decided to get married here, but it’s unfortunate same-sex couples can’t be married wherever they want in the world. One day people will look back at this and realize how archaic it was that it took so long for this to be accepted everywhere.

Lauren and Stacey’s wedding was featured on A Bicycle Built For Two, F Yeah Gay Weddings and Uschi & Kay.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. kristi wright

    Love is love. And it's beautiful.

  2. Jenn Stark

    This is so lovely. x

  3. Jennifer Williams

    Beautiful images and gorgeous love love their style.

  4. Leo

    Amazing work as usual, guys. Your portraits always blow me away, but #36 is seriously awesome, not to mention how much of their joy and happiness comes across here. Way to rock it.

  5. Miguel Jimenez

    This is rad! Just started on photography and I'm still developing my vision, so I try not to see a lot of others photographers work. But I really like your work. Not to mention that I love the concept behind “document you” sessions. Thanks!

  6. Sam Gibson

    My jaw dropped open about 4 images in and stayed that way throughout. Stunning.

  7. mike

    This is 5 star work, boys.

  8. Heather

    They are both ADORABLE!

  9. Nessa Kessinger

    Beautiful words written about beautiful photographs of beautiful people. I can be honest here and say I cried looking through these. Everything is brilliant and you're both absolutely amazing photographers.

  10. kmh

    Beautiful, and Efterklang is a wonderful touch.

  11. Tall

    You guys are so hip I bet you can't get through doorways. This is an amazing wedding with photos to boot!

  12. Lana

    What beautiful girls. seriously awesome job. The one where the girls are backlit in the hallway - looks like they are levitating. Almost brought me to tears.

  13. Anton Chia

    Wildly beautiful. Two thumbs up!

  14. Nicola

    These girls are my friends and I was very sad not to be able to go to their wedding. Thank you so much for these images that don't just share the visually beautiful details but also the soul of the day. I no longer feel like I completely missed out!

  15. Rik Pennington

    Sick. That's a good thing. Stunning as ever guys.

  16. Jakub

    Splendid work! Next stop Melbourne?

  17. porter

    you guys are so kickass its painful. seriously the one with the triangle of light, yea you know which one...AWESOME

  18. Chelsey

    Everything you guys produce is like magic dipped in chocolate. This is seriously incredible.

  19. Elissa

    So freakin' in love with this. Love!!

  20. Jean

    Another incredible wedding from Nordica...I <3 these photos. PS: Beautiful ladies. You captured their love wonderfully.

  21. ieva

    awesome shots, beautifully played light

  22. Kelly Applebee & Emma Clarke

    Em and I are sitting here looking at your amazing photos and I look over and Em is crying.. Simply amazing!!

  23. Anushe Low

    Incredible work guys. Wow.

  24. Paul Nguyen

    Great use of colours and tones! What amazing photos!

  25. David Childers

    Beautiful brides, beautiful wedding!

  26. PJ Photos

    second picture is so good...great work!

  27. Girish

    Beautiful pictures & coverage of the event. Well done.

  28. Albert Palmer

    That shot of their dresses = awesome!

  29. Natalie Champa Jennings

    Simply fabulous!

  30. Lindsay Taryn

    these photos just radiate love and happiness. absolutely fantastic job, you guys!

  31. photography toronto

    great work! interesting ideas on your photos!

  32. Tuomas Mikkonen

    Wow! Killer set!

  33. tim

    This is one of my favourites. Beautiful

  34. Fotograf ślubny Lublin

    Great expressions and wonderful capture of the day ;-)

  35. Julie Harris

    I love this post... the photos feel very natural and joyful. And I'm jealous! I was going to shoot my first lesbian wedding this summer but they unexpectedly canceled. :(

  36. Scout

    WOW! How did I miss this? Please please please Oz, lets change the marriage act!

  37. Ever

    Great images!!

  38. The Wedding | skHILLed

    [...] Jakob from Nordica Photography captured our special day (you can check out their blog post on us here). These are their images and this is how our special day [...]

  39. Murray Clarke

    Incredibly sharp photos, love the styling and quirky take on this wedding!

  40. sachin

    Agh! So beautiful .. Really lovely!

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