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Sikh Wedding Vancouver // Preview

August 2, 2011

This was our first three day East Indian wedding experience.

Over 500 people, a reception straight out of a Bollywood movie, a never-ending flow of food and colours, and two wicked-awesome people at the centre of it all.

We’re definitely down for more of these. We’ll post the full wedding another day.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Rhys

    These are a couple of absolutely astounding images.

  2. Kevin Zimarik

    This is absolutely beautiful photography. It is one of my favorite sessions you have ever done. Great work guys!

  3. Jen Williams

    Absolutely beautiful. Your images are always so timeless and classic. Keep up the good work, I always enjoy your posts!

  4. Brian Davis

    Unbelievably stunning. The colors are unreal. I love image #2 and the one where she's got a sliver of light on her face.

  5. Drew W

    You guys are insanely good! thank you both for sharing this beautiful work.

  6. Kat Braman

    the one with the bride and that sliver of light literally made me gasp outloud. I CANNOT wait to see the full wedding. you guys are gasp-a-rific

  7. Steve Elmer

    Guys, un-freakin-believable!

  8. Lea

    I love these! You know it's good photography when the image itself doesn't upstage the bride. Your work complements the couple perfectly.

  9. Lara Eichhorn

    Their clothes are so fantastic. Hope you get to do a bunch more like this, because you did an amazing job. I especially love the last shot (so sweet) and the one where her hands are framing her face.

  10. Maximiliano Barros

    These are awesome! Seriously

  11. nirav

    You guys amaze me over and over again. Keep up the insanity and inspiration.

  12. Jessica Schilling

    So crazy gorgeous. Love the lighting in the tunnel shots, and that last shot in the field is perfection.

  13. Shipra

    oh man, more...more! Your take on this wedding so far has got me longing to see more. Truly inspired!

  14. Heather K

    I adore that second to last one- such an adorable moment. The very last one shines thruogh as a intimately captured emotion. Wonderful work!

  15. Rima

    Freakin' LOOOOOOOOOVEE it!!!! The portrait of the bride...ah-mazing!

  16. Leah Kua

    Your eye for detail, shapes, colour is out of this world!!! I am floored by teh creativity and beauty in these images.

  17. derrys

    I am jealous of anyone that has gotten to shoot a traditional indian wedding. This work is beautiful.

  18. benj haisch

    ok, that's enough. I can't keep up with the awesomeness of you fellas.

  19. David Jenkins

    Stunning detail and colour. The one in front of the trucks is real fine art.

  20. john benavente

    i know this is going to be a killer wedding!

  21. Jennifer Nagy

    What a fantastic wedding to photograph. I love the henna hands shot.Lots of great photos. Jennifer

  22. Jared Tseng

    You guys... You always kill it :)

  23. Nessa K

    These are absolutely stunning. Forgive me, but, the word epic comes to mind. =)

  24. Samantha

    Love this session.

  25. Caroline Ghetes

    NICE!!! I mean, seriously, wow.

  26. Mike F

    what a great set of images! amazingly beautiful couple!

  27. Kristi Wright

    I love these!! The shot of the bride looking over the groom's shoulder to camera is wonderful!

  28. ed peers

    So so good...

  29. Kellee

    Gorgeous guys! Love the detail. Wow.

  30. Rik Pennington

    Great work, really like the use of shadow in the shots of the bride .

  31. fer juaristi

    come on! this one is gonna rock hard!

  32. Matthew Evans

    Seriously unreal.

  33. Murray Clarke

    I love the last shot in the high grass, really nice! :)

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