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Sikh Wedding Vancouver // Susan & Jag

August 15, 2011

Susan and Jag didn’t want the typical, traditional indian wedding photos. They wanted something else, something different, which is why they got in touch with us in the first place.

We had never done a Sikh wedding before, so our fresh vision was exactly what they were looking for.

Their wedding brought us into a culture that we knew very little about: Sikh. We sat in their temples, ate their food, listened to their music and immersed ourselves in their world. But we approached this very unique wedding experience the exact same way we approach weddings in Iceland, Mexico, Sweden, Vancouver or anywhere else.

Because no matter the location, no matter the culture, it’s always about the same thing: telling the story, the way we see it.

Their three day wedding extravaganza involved photography in Steveston, Richmond, downtown Vancouver, Delta and Surrey. When it was all said and done, these two had spent more time in front of our cameras then anybody else we’d taken pictures of.

We were told before this wedding that Indian weddings were incredible, and they truly are. We can’t wait to do more.

Thursday, warm-up.

Saturday, ceremony day.

Sunday, time to celebrate.

Susan and Jag’s Sikh wedding was featured on Junebug Weddings.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Michael Wachniak

    see, the thing I like about this, ya..everything.

  2. Cory Parris

    Very nice work.

  3. Reimund Trost

    Beautiful people and beautiful shots, as always. Looks like they had a real good time (and I bet you had too!) Cheers

  4. Luis Godinez

    You guys drive me bananas!! Just when I think it can't get any better, you step it up a notch. CRAZY AMAZING WORK!!

  5. Carolina

    AMAZING!!!! What a beautiful wedding! You guys ROCK :)

  6. Fabio Lugaro

    WOW - shockingly great. I love watching your photos. Congrats.

  7. kay*

    oh. my. gosh. this wedding looks insanely amazing. and you guys seriously killed it. wowza. awesome job telling their story.

  8. Masey

    WOW! What an opportunity fellas... and you NAILED it!

  9. John

    This is definitely fresh vision. Unreal.

  10. Girish

    Brilliant. Absolutely. I really like how you photograph each and everything happening around you, very photo-journalistic approach. It's so good to see emotions, moments being photographed as they happen rather than being made to happen. It's good that one is new to a certain style of wedding and rituals so it becomes easier to picture and photograph. If a person who doesn't know the wedding rituals of a Christian wedding, might turn out some images that are never taken by others. Something similar did work here for you. I am glad that you like Indian style of wedding. When it comes to Music, we Indian's are one crazy bunch.

  11. Elissa

    This is one of the most beautifully-shot, gorgeous weddings I have ever seen. You inspire me to work so much harder.

  12. Amanda Basteen


  13. Caroline Ghetes

    I just love you guys. I mean, really.

  14. john benavente

    you guys always find the right light.

  15. Phill

    I want to buy the book of this one. Oh, and the soundtrack CD.

  16. todd hunter mcgaw

    dudes.. you just keep raising the awesome & slapping me in the face with it! master-blasters!

  17. sam hurd

    too.... much.... awesome

  18. Jeremy

    Epic! Those Sunday couple shots at the construction site are mind blowing!

  19. Sally Watts

    Absolutely beautiful. In particular, the image of the bread baker int he white apron just blows me away. It looks like a classical painting.

  20. nirav

    And that's game over.

  21. Sara K Byrne

    Wow. The detail shots are amazing, the black and white is perfect, and the wedding is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Great images.

  22. gabe aceves

    you guys are amazing. this is killer boys.

  23. Razvan

    You made my day with this set!

  24. Daniel

    You guys never cease to impress. All around stunning and possibly the best post I've seen all summer..... from anyone!

  25. ayesha

    you guys... this is unreal. this might possibly be one of the best i've ever seen. i don't know what else to say. the way you see things is almost haunting.

  26. benj haisch


  27. Paul Nguyen

    Indian weddings are always so colorful! Such awesome pics!

  28. ALMA


  29. fer juaristi

    Simple, I´m dead!

  30. alyda

    this post made me swear. amazingly amazing!

  31. Fotograf Lublin

    Lots of moments of love and laughter captured – great work.

  32. Mark Kalkwarf

    Most photographers have a "high point" in their posts, a part of the day that you can clearly see they were more comfortable with the setting that other parts of the day. Your work is consistently brilliant and that for me is the mark of an artist. You have a beautiful way of seeing and seamlessly translate that into frames.

  33. Shari DeAngelo

    These images just blow me away, guys. You bring great story-telling to a whole new artistic level with this set. Just wow.

  34. Mercedes

    I am a huge fan of the hand shots. There's so much emotion and energy there but it's subtle and quiet and gorgeous. The photos of the couple at the construction site are just *epic*.

  35. Kristy Field

    Your work just gets better and better guys! Love the henna shots, really stunning!

  36. Ieva

    first Sikh wedding that i absolutely love! its definitely refreshing.

  37. Javier Abad

    Amazing work!!

  38. fabienne

    That's absolutely wonderful!

  39. Andrei


  40. Daniel Willinger

    Wow, great photographs! I'm just getting started in Wedding Photography and your work is really inspiring! greetings from Austria Daniel



  42. Kismet Jewell Nakai

    Got to love Ishqnoor Singhs comment!!

  43. Leidy & Josh

    Gorgeous work! I especially love the photos of the couple posing in a field, and of the group dancing. Y'all captured the wedding incredibly well.

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