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Stanley Park Engagement Photography | Brittani & Darren | Teaser

May 17, 2010

Vancouver wedding photography season is getting into full swing, and we’ve been doing a lot of shoots lately with couples. As was the case this weekend in Stanley Park.

Stanley Park and engagement photos go together better then – well – two things that go really well together. That’s where we took Brittani and Darren for their engagement shoot on the weekend.

Let’s just say that we’re excited about the results and leave the conversation at that. Here’s a teaser.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Tyler Ingram

    Nice job! Not you're typical e-session pose or location.

  2. Ameliya

    Wow, what an awesome pic! You capture a moment that has so much in it! I love it guys!

  3. april

    it's almost a paparazzi type they so didn't know you were there.... i like it...

  4. Chelsea

    I love LOVE this picture!!! i'm so excited to see the rest!! you did an amazing job for my brother and future sister in law to be!!!! i'm so excited to send the end results for all of them!!!

  5. Girish

    Look forward for this. The location looks super.

  6. april

    i really like the flow in your shots....tells a story....nice....

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