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Stanley Park Engagement Photography

February 24, 2011

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Tyler

    Oh nicely done! Definitely doesn't look like Stanley Park!

  2. Nessa K

    I've had dreams about trees as perfect as this one.

  3. Nick

    perfect. Incredible shot!

  4. Danielle Daigle

    So peaceful and beautiful! Lovely shot!!

  5. Becca Dilley

    Wow, those mountains just come out of nowhere!

  6. Lesel Radage

    You guys just keep them coming!! Love this!

  7. gabe aceves

    gah you guys are amazing. seriously ridiculous.

  8. alexbee

    This BEGS to be HUGE on a wall!

  9. Drew W

    Talk about picture perfect! Everything is perfect in this shot.

  10. Alicia Kennison

    Everytime I see your work the word 'sublime' pops in to my head - this image is no exception. Beautiful.

  11. Lisa Novakowski

    Simply Stunning. Again.

  12. Hilary Mercerm

    There's nothing that I like more than huge trees. Trees + mountains = awesome. They better blow this one up super big!

  13. Louisa Coulthurst

    I love your use of negative space - wonderful.

  14. Dustin Hall

    ummm ya, that's awesome

  15. Laura Burlton

    Gorgeous as ever!

  16. Jean

    One word: Incredible.

  17. Brian Davis

    Minimalistic and beautiful. Love it!

  18. Renee

    Sick! seriously SICK!! WOW!! <3

  19. Brian Kraft

    That's fantastic!

  20. Tyler Branch

    wow...i know i've told you before but i'm a fan.

  21. Marie Lloyd

    Beautiful composition, love the square crop. Really adds to the drama.

  22. brooke

    love! amazing comp, as always :)

  23. Jared Tseng

    Ahhhhhh!!!!! LOVE!

  24. Darin Collison

    Just fantastic. Well seen.

  25. otto


  26. Eric Kotara


  27. Heather

    More, more! I love the composition here: spot on!

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