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Stanley Park Photography // Katharina & Dennis

November 29, 2010

Photography in Stanley Park takes on a new twist when it’s snowy and cold. But when it’s still a bit sunny and the couple wants to wear t-shirts (even when it’s freezing temperatures), you’ve got yourself a recipe for success.

Katharina and Dennis are from Germany. They have been living in Vancouver for a while, and they wanted some nice pictures to remind them of their time in our great city.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Herman Au

    very moody and they whole set has a very interesting solitaire feel to it. very inspirational

  2. Shella

    A very different engagement session. The first few are so dark and moody yet they are my faves :)

  3. ayesha

    the mood and intimacy of the first several images is really striking... felt like i was watching a story unfold. beautifully done, and as always, love your processing!

  4. Eric Yerke

    The first image is BADASS

  5. alex

    i love the way you guys see light. stinkin' gorgeous

  6. nadine austin

    I love the forest photographs, and also the birds. Very beautiful.

  7. Kyle

    Very cool work playing with the dramatic lighting and shadows!

  8. Mark Kalkwarf

    I love the mood of all of these images. The way you have used the light is brilliant. Very well done.

  9. Ben Godkin

    Great session as always! Totem pole shot = AWESOME!

  10. Nick Coyne

    Very nice, love your processing!

  11. brooke

    GORGEOUS. the light is amazingly beautiful in these, and number 21, I would seriously hang on my wall - fabulous work!

  12. gabe aceves

    you guys are ridiculous.

  13. Matto

    I can just say... wow... =) Love the first two shots!

  14. Helena

    eye candy

  15. Joseph Yarrow

    Wow, what a cool pair of people! Glad they chose you for their pictures! Really great work!

  16. Nora Devai

    very moody. I like it!

  17. David Robertson

    farout! what an sweet set of work! I absolutely love your abstract eye, really sets your work apart!

  18. Nirav

    Workin' that light guys! This is one of my favorite sessions.

  19. Heather

    LOVE those shots out by the water. Awesome!

  20. Bill Millios

    Amazing work with shadow and light. Great job.

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