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Stefanie & Paolo

March 12, 2012

This is Stefanie and Paolo. We did some photos together a few days ago in Vancouver’s Chinatown. More to come.

Vancouver PhotographerVancouver PhotographerVancouver Skyline

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Anni

    Amazing work, guys. I love them all, but that last one is especially beautiful.

  2. Sam Gibson

    Great space in the first one. Lovely.

  3. ryan chan

    I'm not sure if it's a perspective thing, but it looks like they are floating because of the bridges on either side of them. But the high mast lighting base is right'm intrigued!

  4. Sarah

    Wow that second one is so so cool!

  5. Agnes

    stunning as always. There is a special ... silence to them that i really really like.

  6. Maggie Rife

    Really beautiful--the lighting and tone is so quiet and understated. Lovely

  7. heather nan

    Stellar portraits... the silhouette is great.

  8. Heather

    LOVE that last shot!

  9. porter

    gahhhhhhh in LOVE with that second shot guys, GORGEOUS stuff

  10. Gavin Farrington

    Love the profile shot. Well done!


    So looking forward to the rest of these. So beautiful!

  12. sarah black

    Lovely work, always such a fresh take on the universe.

  13. Mary Sylvia

    I'm digging the middle one, very cool...I love that you didn't convert it to b&w.

  14. Nathan Gilmer

    That first shot is....awesome! I love the way you used the lines and shapes to create and interesting photo. Can't wait to see the rest.

  15. Jakub

    Hurry up and post the rest! :D

  16. Dean Govier

    You fellas are on another level. Consistantly brilliant!

  17. Paul Krol

    love em' especially that 1st one. so cool.

  18. Alex Kilbee

    That first opening image is so strong and bold! Love it! All the best, Alex

  19. sam hurd

    you guys continue to push it. thanks :)

  20. Derek

    Awesome set and couple; 1st one is all kinds of awesome!

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