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Steveston Engagement Photography // Bernadette & Rowan

August 27, 2010

Rowan works as a mechanic for half the year in Kyrgyzstan and is from Perth, Australia. Bernadette is a lovely lady from Vancouver with French roots who dips her toes in the advertising industry. They sent us an email less then two weeks ago about their upcoming wedding in October.

Without meeting them, we worked out the details and agreed that we would photograph their wedding, with the engagement shoot to happen in Steveston. Not a bad way to meet a couple for the first time!

So we’re very much looking forward to their Vancouver wedding in October, and we must say that it’s an amazing feeling when people trust us enough to book us without even meeting.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. seth

    Very cool photos! I love the shot where she is touching his face and looking at the camera.

  2. Jenny Meng

    Lovely. His headshot and the close-up kissing shots are fantastic. (also, she & her dress are adorable!)

  3. Amber Hughes

    Really like the interaction between the two of them... you can feel the love!

  4. sam hurd

    nice perspectives here. love the time of day for these is incredible!

  5. Maria Gagne

    Love the pictures; you look so happy! Beautiful couple and their love is awesome!

  6. Eric Yerke

    Amazing set. For real. Way to rock the golden hour

  7. Laurie Peacock

    Very handsome couple. My fave is the small black and white where they are laughing.

  8. Paul Von Rieter

    Yet another awesome set. I have officially bookmarked your blog. Really lovin your use of direct light... something a lot of photogs shy away from, but you make it uber beautiful. *Jealous.

  9. Heather

    I love the shot of them by the pond, holding hands. Is that a lensbaby I see? Well done!!

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