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Steveston Engagement Photography // Christy & Gordon

October 11, 2010

Animals seem to enjoy photobombing our sessions. We had cows bumping uglies during a wedding a while ago and at Christy and Gordon’s recent engagement session in Steveston, a very large dog decided to take part in the photos.

Christy and Gordon will be getting married next year at the Vancouver Club.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Rob Gustafson

    I must say... these are fantastic. And the dog photos make my life better

  2. Ruth

    Oh man. You really delivered. This shoot looks in every way like it was custom-made specifically for this couple and their looks. My favorite is the shallow DOF focused on the fence with the bokeh couple in the background. Great stuff.

  3. Kat Braman

    omg the dog! that's the second time a session on your blog has made me laugh out loud. just awesome.

  4. Paul Von Rieter

    what is it with you guys and random animals? haha. Bitchen work as usual. The bottom shot is just plain pure art.

  5. Shyann

    Really amazing! Freaking dog is awesome! That last shot really blows me away too!! As usual :)

  6. Phill

    Fantastic. There's a great sense of filmic progression in these, then the dog comes along and it's like Buñuel and Dalí decided to make comedy! :~)

  7. zUdio

    The composition of these photos is superb and is what I like the most about them. Perfect symmetry - I <3 it.

  8. Girish

    Nice shots. The first shot itself is very nice. Huge dog :P

  9. Tenielle

    hahaha where do you find these rogue animals or rather how do they find you? :) Love this entire set.... the granny laughing and the last photo are my favs. Once again, gorgeous perspective, gorgeous work.

  10. Kat Forsyth

    Your style is so far removed from mine that I don't even know how you do it, but I love it! And, oh, that dog.

  11. Thomas Lester

    These are great! The dog had me cracking up!

  12. Joshua Gull

    Incredible set of images, and the Great Dane had me cracking up.

  13. Daniel Dunlap

    I love your work! I love how you find a way to put something completely unexpected into some of your posts. The dog. HAHA!

  14. Rae

    Wow your black and white photos are FANTASTIC. The tones and grain are perfect. I want your secret :) How funny was that dog... crack up! :)

  15. Heather

    I love that last shot with the dog, although the others are... interesting XD

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