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Stockholm Wedding Photographer // Emma & Gustav

December 5, 2013

Emma and Gustav were married outside the small, northern town of Boden. Here are a few photos from their cool (pun intended) winter wedding in Sweden.

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By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Emanuelle

    Nordica, your picture are always fantastic!! Really nice work..i love this black and white...;)

  2. Joseph Hall

    Lovely, sympathetic and touching and the aurora borealis!!! Craziness!

  3. David Jenkins

    Beautiful mood guys, so good as always!

  4. Johanna

    Love this. Makes me miss one childhood Christmas when we rode a sleigh to Christmas church.

  5. Sara

    I love it! So beautiful!

  6. Brano

    Great - this is Nordica. Hope you will post more photos soon.

  7. Amy Barton

    What a beautiful wedding and superbly shot (as always!) - stunning work!

  8. Xabi

    Magical! Details, nice bw, great portrait... Resume: Fan! :) Congrats from Spain!

  9. small

    Wowie zowie! What an awesome winter wonderland wedding!

  10. Susanne Axelsson

    Nice work! We photographed a wedding at the same place last summer actually. Without any snow;)

  11. Danelle Bohane

    Wonderful as always.

  12. Sam

    Absolutely great photos. The last shot of the bride is amazing.

  13. Kat Forsyth

    What a gorgeous sense of place and feeling. You guys rock.

  14. Natalie Champa Jennings

    You guys. Beautiful.

  15. Leah Muse

    Beautiful. Bride in snow is breathtaking.

  16. Will Kim

    this is beautiful!

  17. Jonathan David

    Magical. Amazing work!

  18. rich

    so much beauty here. wow - amazing shots!

  19. Thomas Steibl

    well done guys. aurora borealis at a wedding. hell yeah

  20. Dominique

    The mood in these photographs is beautiful, really gorgeous work guys. :)

  21. Sara May- Portland Wedding Photographer

    Epic wedding! I love how romantic the photos look in the snow. I dig the motion in the dancing shot too!

  22. Heath

    Lovely stuff.

  23. Tomasz Wagner

    Yep, and there had to be a sleigh ride. Nice job as always. :)

  24. Zosia

    Now I want more! What a beautiful snowy wedding! Killed it again guys!

  25. Paul Von Rieter

    You guys. I swear. sooo good as always. that dancing dress shot it amazeaballs.

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