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Stockholm Wedding Photography // Kajsa & Magnus

June 14, 2011

Many were the surprised tourists that suddenly saw themselves in the midst of the first wedding ceremony ever to take place at this popular tourist attraction – the Vasa museum – at Djugården in Stockholm.

Kajsa and Magnus wanted a different, casual, Swedish summer kinda wedding. And between the ceremony at the Vasa museum, the horse and carriage ride along Djugården and the reception at Hasselbacken on this warm June evening, that’s exactly what they got.

This Stockholm wedding was nothing short of awesome, and we wish Kajsa and Magnus all the best with married life and the soon-to-come addition to their family.

We feel very fortunate to have been able to photograph two such great weddings in Sweden the last couple of weeks (here’s the Halmstad one, if you missed it) and look forward to many more in the future.

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På Svenska

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Kyle

    Awesome wedding AGAIN! That giant ship is so cool...

  2. The Awkward Photographer

    The candles shots are AMAZING. What a great way to show the passage of time. You guys = awesome.

  3. kyle

    Holy hell these shots are RIDICULOUSLY GOOD. I'm blown away. I want to have you guys photograph us some day. And I want to be Swedish. And I want to photograph a Swedish wedding some day. And also, is that a Viking boat in the background of some of the shots, or something similar?

  4. Andy Barnhart

    It's insane how good this is. Amazing wedding

  5. john benavente

    totally rad guys, awesome coverage.

  6. kmh

    I knew that big viking ship looked familiar! I've been there! Great job capturing this guys

  7. Kellee

    You guys blow me away every single time. Awesome!

  8. alexbee

    always blowing me away. love that candlestick shot! (isn't that a weird thing to love? but i do!)

  9. Jessie Cadenas

    Love that shot you took of the ceremony from above! Amazing.

  10. Reimund Trost

    Ser mkt bra ut gubbar!

  11. Jakub Majewski

    Not easy conditions, strong light, and you did wonderful photos. Another interesting story. Awesome!

  12. Girish

    Big fan of your work and style. Amazed really. Well done.

  13. Annelie

    Typical Swedish but at the same time not! I like it a lot!

  14. Kristi Wright

    Have I mentioned how much I enjoy your work? I love the way you see things. Great job capturing the details and surroundings and I just love the dancing photos!

  15. Kat Braman

    whoa . . . I love the way you two see the world. what a cool wedding.

  16. Cathy and David

    Loving everything about these images. What awesome locations too! :)

  17. Natalie

    You are so talented! Wow! :) Love this entire wedding!

  18. Adam Alex Wedding Photographer

    So creative and cool. I love it!

  19. Nirav

    Yup, awesome.

  20. James Moes

    So well told. The candles tell the story.

  21. Blake Burton

    damn you guys rocked that one big time!

  22. Heather

    Love the tones in the images. You are really talented!

  23. Steve Koo

    Great storytelling throughout. Nice work!

  24. michele bowman

    yep, these are ridiculously awesome!!!

  25. Herman Au

    the style is very sleek beautiful imageries, by the way the rings on the groom's hand look very... tight :)

  26. Brian Davis

    SO beautiful, you guys rock!

  27. Tyler

    story. telling. so well done, guys.

  28. Sachin

    Sweet details in this ! Nice one fellas!

  29. jessica lorren

    beautiful. great compositions and I love your environment shots!

  30. Heather

    A PIRATE SHIP wedding??? AWESOME!

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