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September 27, 2013

Farewell, Vancouver.

November 9th, 2009.

Feels like a very long time ago. That was when Jakob first landed in Vancouver, and for the first month the weather was so poor you weren’t able to see the mountains; a view that was one of Cole’s main selling features when convincing Jakob to come.

During those rainy days, we buried ourselves in the makeshift offices around Vancouver: the coffee shops. We must have walked every street and seen every café in the city. We were doing our best to stay busy creating our master plan for Nordica, and basically do anything we could to ensure Jakob turning his life upside-down and moving to Canada wasn’t a mistake.

Vancouver was good to us back then, and still is. Always has been. Looking back on all the things we’ve done in the city, we’ll have the fondest of memories of the people who threw us ropes along the way to help Nordica get off the ground.

Many of them had nothing at all to do with wedding photography. Like Gabrielle Durning, allowing us to come to photograph the Whistler Film Festival. Or Marc Smith, offering us a retail space at a mall downtown Vancouver. Or Social Shopper, rolling the dice and allowing us to do a deal with them. And on, and on, and on. There were plenty of random, crazy things we did back then. Random, crazy things that got us started.

Of course, there are the couples whose weddings we photographed as well. When we had little experience, people trusted us and we’ll never forget that. Our first wedding together in Vancouver was in the spring of 2010. We found the couple on a Craigslist ad on a Tuesday evening with the wedding being the following Friday. We made about $200. From that experience right through to now, couples in Vancouver have treated us with nothing but trust. We thank you all.

But the time has come to bid farewell. And writing this is with mixed emotions.

Hello, Sweden.

Soon, we’ll both be based out of Europe. Cole is moving to Sweden with his wife and baby girl, joining Jakob who moved back last fall. This is not to say we won’t return to Vancouver (far from it), but we will be focusing our lives on the next chapter: having Europe as our home-base.

We will be returning to Vancouver and British Columbia plenty of times, but the voyages will have a different flavour now. We’ll be guests, photographing destination weddings in a place we once called home. However, having many BC weddings booked for the 2014 season already, makes letting go of Vancouver a little bit easier.

Starting fresh in Sweden shares the same exciting feeling we had in November of 2009. New venues, new places, new everything. From Stockholm to Malmö to Gällivare and all of the places in between, having Sweden as Nordica’s home brings along an entirely new challenge for us. One that Vancouver primed us for, and one that we can’t wait meet head-on. And with all of Europe around the corner, we look forward to many amazing experiences.

So farewell, Vancouver. Hello, Sweden. And a new chapter in Nordica’s story begins.

Stockholm Wedding Photographer

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Mattias

    Welcome :-D

  2. Matthew Long

    Good luck guys, I'm absolutely certain you will make this move a complete success.

  3. Sachin Khona

    You'll be missed fellas .. All the best on your new journey. Looking forward to seeing you guys visit! Sach

  4. Adam Johnson

    Good luck, incredible photographers can be based anywhere in the oyster that is your world. Keep on rocking it.

  5. Ann-Torill

    Goos luck Cole and Jakob. This new adventure will be nothing less than a incredible one. I am sure you will have great success in Sweden and the rest of Europe.

  6. Andy Gaines

    aww you guys! Best of luck (like you need it ;-) Massive virtual fist-bumps.

  7. Abby Hacker

    Good luck! I am sure you will be awesome in Sweden as you were in Canada!

  8. Mark Sass

    That's awsome Jakob and Cole! Sweden is by far my favourite country. The people, the language, the landscape, ... Har det bra!

  9. Valerie

    Goodluck Cole! So glad we had you photograph our wedding! I'm sure Sweden will treat you well :)

  10. dylan

    Best of luck with your adventures, you two are capable of anything you set your sights on.

  11. Niv Shimshon

    Good luck guys!!!

  12. Tomasz Wagner

    All the best amigos!!

  13. Birgit

    Looking forward to a workshop in Stockholm :) I just moved back to Europe (originally from Germany) from New Brunswick, Canada and I am already madly in love with Stockholm and Sweden.

  14. Isabelle

    And Sweden is saying welcome!!! :-)

  15. Krzysztof Zietarski

    Hi from the Polish Baltic coast! :)

  16. Zosia

    All the best for the next big move guys! May it be smooth and successful! Glad to hear Nordica will be reunited on the same land once more :)

  17. lin

    I am sure you guys will have more fun with your new adventure. Good luck!

  18. Martins Kikulis

    Best of luck guys!! Keep up the great work!

  19. Armin

    Welcome to Sweden guys. Hope to meet you one day. You are such an inspiration. Good luck!

  20. Joseph Hall

    Goodluck mans.. your work is always inspirational!

  21. jennifer armstrong

    wishing you all well in this new journey. Much happiness to you both. My your creativity & joy of photography continue to flourish. I really look forward to following you along here.

  22. Jessica Lund

    Welcome to Stockholm and best of luck,

  23. Eleonora

    Good luck on this new adventure and enjoy Europe!

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