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Amber & Bryan

Cache Creek, Canada

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The text throughout this post is the story of Amber and Bryan’s engagement.

By Amber:

Our engagement story went a little like this…

Bryan asked me to meet him at the barn after work for an evening ride. He had pulled from the herd our two favorite horses, the ones we often grab for a quiet evening ride together.

As we mounted our horses I asked about dinner plans but Bryan told me that a ranch dinner would be held for us on our return. Thinking nothing of it, I accepted that and trotted off towards the gate.

We started our ride, zig-zagging through the main pasture and exiting onto the road at the side gate.

We ran the road, flat out, grinning from ear to ear; one of my favorite things to do.

We made it to the junction gate and I instinctively kept riding towards our secondary pasture down the road, our usual romping grounds for our quiet evening rides.

But Bryan turned. Instead he said he wanted to run through the sage brush and climb upwards through the countryside.
I had no idea Bryan intended to do a more demanding ride then our usual evening excursion.

I said as much and he assured me that we would give our horses a good rest at the top.

We continued on and we continued to climb. We reached the look out at a bluff we call Twin Pines just as the sky was beginning to purple with the sunset.

Bryan suggested that we dismount and loosen our tack to give the horses a well-deserved break. Once my horse was comfortable I turned to Bryan.

He proposed then, on bended knee with his Great Grandmother’s engagement ring.

My legs went out from under me and I dropped to the dirt, knocking him from his position and landing in his lap.

We had a magical moment there just sitting together in the dirt. He then told me he had also stashed a blanket, red wine and a picnic dinner in the shade of a tree which we enjoyed with the sunset and our perfect lookout of the entire valley.

We rode back to the barn in the quiet of twilight, he couldn’t have planned it more perfectly.

Amber and Bryan’s story was featured on The Lane.