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Celine & Ben

Snaefellsnes, Iceland

Iceland Elopement

It will be wild

Icelandic endeavours entail a certain level of acceptance. The conditions can be unruly, and the weather dictates the day.

It might not be perfect, but Iceland will be wild. It will add texture to the story you might not expect.

So going with the flow helps, and that was Celine and Ben’s approach. Right down to the ceremony location, which was chosen the morning of the wedding during a serendipitous stroll to somewhere new.

We like the wildness of the locations – and thus we want Iceland. – Celine & Ben

Celine is German and Ben a Kiwi. Neither had been to Iceland, but the idea of an adventure in seclusion drew them to the north.
“We love the rugged, wild look of Iceland.”
Celine and Ben’s first look was directly behind where they stayed in Hellnar, with the Snæfellsjökull Glacier in the background.
Having never been to Snæfellsnes, Celine and Ben expected it to be rugged. They weren't disappointed.
Celine's flower crown was made in the hotel room before the ceremony by her and her one friend who attended the wedding. They made it look easy.
Snæfellsnes can be as brutal as it can be breathtaking, yet the sun shone brightly on Celine and Ben's beautiful wedding, making for a remarkable memory.