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Dana & Zak

Duxbury, MA, USA

Forest Campground Wedding

Inspired by the wild

Surrounded at a fire circle by friends and family, Dana and Zak shared their vows. It was emotional for everyone, and a simple moment with tremendous impact.

A steady fire and gleaming hearts, engulfed by the forests of Massachusetts. When a community pours their hearts into something, the results can be remarkable. While the vision undoubtedly came from Dana and Zak, they’ll say it themselves: the story here is one of community and love.

Our wedding was our heart. It was us at our most vulnerable and happiest and best.
– Dana & Zak

"We got married in the woods under the filtered light we’d fallen in love with on our very first visit to Camp Wing."
"We wanted the wedding to feel like us."
"At the end of this amazing, incredible weekend, we would be married – that’s all that mattered.”

Leading up to the wedding, Zak’s parents made and bottled wine for the party. It was well received.

Dana and Zak have seen their share of first dances, being wedding photographers themselves.

A late night fire and giant sleepover to wind things down.

"Although there were a few ways we’d might approach the weekend differently (ie. don’t leave all the DIY-ing until the week before the wedding because it might make you an actual crazy person), we wouldn’t have changed anything."

Dana and Zak’s wedding is featured on Snippet & Ink.