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Deanna & Aaron

Dawson City, Yukon, Canada

Klondike Wedding

We're gonna party like it's 1899

Love makes you feel invincible. Deanna and Aaron must have been feeling that way after their incredible wedding.

The drive from where they live in Yellowknife, NT to Whitehorse, Yukon is 30 hours. Tag another 7 hours on to that to get to Dawson City.

A Klondike themed wedding under the midnight sun in the heart of the world famous Gold Rush.

The distance, the commitment, the idea in general- tip of the top hat for a remarkable memory shared by all.

The location was the perfect compromise between Aaron’s love of history, my love of theme parties, and our mutual love of the North. – Deanna

Thank you to Fer Juaristi who joined the team to photograph this story.

“Dawson City is the most amazing place on earth.”
"We asked our guests to come gussied up in the latest gold-rush fashions. Top hats and such for the gents; Victorian gowns for the ladies."

“The Midnight Dome hosted the ceremony. From its peak, 880 meters up, you can see the Klondike gold fields, the Yukon River Valley, and the Ogilvie Mountains.”

"At midnight we joined the locals for a solstice party atop the Midnight Dome - a tradition since 1899."
"We all toasted to the unsetting sun."

Deanna and Aaron’s wedding was featured on Green Wedding Shoes, Jack Und Sally (German) and Wedding Inspiration (Russian).