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Erika & Romain

Katrineholm, Sweden

Swedish wedding

A different kind of wild

Erika and Romain chose a perfect place – Beckershof – to showcase the beauty of Sweden’s nature for their international guests.

From fields to shores, barns to birches; this wedding had the wild and calm of Sweden effortlessly woven throughout the story.

We knew from the very first moment we wanted a simple and natural wedding, from there everything kind of fell into place. – Erika and Romain

“We wanted something close to nature, simple and reflecting who we are."
“We designed the attire ourselves, and had it tailor-made by a tailor in Bangkok."
“The ceremony was really spiritual and special. We decided to have it in the birch forest with a great priest, the nature, the music, the wind. It was very powerful.”
"The venue by itself was very special - an old barn, that had never been used for weddings before.”

Our wedding in three words: Hunting Wild Flowers

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